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RLTV: The best way to reach the 50+ target

RLTV is the only media network designed and built specifically to engage today’s 50+ audience — one of the most important, influential consumer groups in history.


Because they are 100 million strong and growing. They hold 60% of total US wealth. They spend $3 trillion annually and stand to inherit $11.6 trillion in the next 20 years. 76% own their own homes, and they have the highest rate of second-home ownership. They spend $30 billion a year on travel, accounting for 80% of all luxury travel, and have 2.5 times the discretionary spending power of other groups. For these reasons, the 50+ target deserves a dedicated network.

On the other hand, according to Harris Interactive, nearly two-thirds of Americans say they believe that most TV programming is targeted toward people under 40. And more than 80% of adults over 40 say they have a hard time finding shows that reflect, and resonate with, their lives.

RLTV was created to fill the void: A network dedicated to continuing the long, passionate relationship between TV and the viewers who grew up with it, and bringing that same relationship to the world of new media.

In addition to the many benefits and features listed above, RLTV also offers unique opportunities for advertisers. These include product integration and content creation across on-air, online and print platforms. We’ve worked with a diverse group of advertisers on successful projects including, UnitedHealthcare, and Walgreens.

For more information on how to advertise on RLTV, contact Gig Barton at or 646-490-1426.