Our Founder

John Erickson is the Founder and Executive Chairman of RLTV. A native of Baltimore, Maryland, he was the founder, chair, and served as CEO of Erickson Living, formerly Erickson Retirement Communities, for 29 years. Erickson developed RLTV to empower mature adults by providing them with programming that is not only entertaining, but also inspiring and educational. 

Erickson, a recognized expert and pioneer in aging, built his career around health care and the issues that matter most to this group. The institutional knowledge of one of The Wall Street Journal’s “12 People Who Are Changing Your Retirement” affords RLTV a powerful and unparalleled insight into the 50+ demographic. Erickson and his wife Nancy founded the Erickson Foundation, which donated $5 million toward the formation of the Erickson School of Aging Studies at the University of Maryland Baltimore County (UMBC). The Erickson Foundation funds research grants across the country; the foundation also funded the NorthBay Adventure Camp, which teaches Baltimore-area sixth graders from at-risk backgrounds how to make the right decisions for their future. 

Erickson and his family are dedicated to the study and promotion of positive aging in our society. In addition to founding RLTV, Erickson is the founder of The Erickson Tribune, a rapidly growing monthly newspaper with a circulation of nearly 500,000 readers.