Press Release


Baltimore, MD – February 8, 2011 -- Retirement Living TV (RLTV), the only cable network dedicated to serving the needs of adults 50+, will heat up Valentine’s Day with Dr. Ruth and Sunset Daze. The Valentine’s Day special of Sunset Daze, (a marathon on Feb. 14 from 6:00 pm - 9:30 pm with a new episode at 9 pm) will feature interstitials from Dr. Ruth Westheimer talking about the needs of the characters in each episode. These focus on love, relationship and the sex lives of seniors.

Sunset Daze follows the ups and downs -- and daily dramas -- of a group of seniors who refuse to grow old gracefully. Instead, they are living lives that would exhaust the average teenager:  they sky-dive, they fall in and out of love, and they “party ’til we can’t party anymore.”

Sandy, “The Party Girl,” 64, whose passions are hitting a bucket of balls at one of the many local golf courses, discharging a firearm at a nearby shooting range, and Happy Hours. Jack, “The Romeo,” 72, who, after three wives, is finally ready to settle down. Linda, the new girl on the block, 64, who tries to impress the locals by hosting a dog birthday party and baking a dog-food birthday cake for, Mosin, Jack’s dog. Eileen, happily married and the next Miss Senior Arizona, is always looking for a project and her husband describes her as “always on the go... most of the time she’s running like there’s a fire trying to catch her from behind!”

Dr. Ruth Westheimer, renowned sex therapist for RLTV, analyzes the cast of Sunset Daze. In her always candid and often humorous style, Dr. Ruth provides insight into what makes the interesting and diverse 50+ cast of RLTV's Sunset Daze tick. It is not very often that one has the insight of a sex therapist to analyze your favorite characters; Dr. Ruth explains what makes womanizer Jack tick, explores Sandy’s attachment to her sex toys, and even offers some recommendations for Valentine’s gifts that will heat up any relationship.

Hilarious and bawdy, Sunset Daze is hugely entertaining and also deviously inspirational: behind the cheeky behavior is the proof that vivacity, hope, and new adventures don’t stop at retirement. Sunset Daze is about living life to the fullest.

Dr. Ruth and Sunset Daze will air on Monday, February 14th from 6:00 - 9:30 pm, with a new episode airing at 9:00 pm on RLTV.