-- Series moves to primetime with premiere episode featuring interview with former National Security Adviser (ret.) Admiral John Poindexter --

Oct. 15, 2012, Baltimore, MD -- Danger Zone, the dynamic television series from cable network RLTV, moves to primetime when it returns for its second season on Thursday Oct. 18 at 8 PM ET. Danger Zone offers insight and analysis into the riveting world of counterterrorism, espionage, and international and domestic security. Hosted by former US Ambassador Richard Carlson, Danger Zone lifts the veil on the world of espionage and the covert missions behind many news headlines from Syria today to the Cold War to Kennedy’s Assassination and features interviews with some of the world’s most intriguing experts. The half-hour weekly series will repeat Sundays at 7 and 10 AM.

The premiere episode features former National Security Adviser (ret.) Admiral John Poindexter, who candidly discusses recent developments and historic perspectives on Iran, and offers a frank assessment on America’s track record in tracking terrorists. Also featured in the premiere episode is intelligence expert Matthew Aid, the author of Intel Wars, who reveals that the country’s security and intelligence bureaucracies are choking on raw data and paperwork, and emphasizes the lack of coordination and communication among them.

Ambassador Carlson is joined each week by former Marine Special Forces officer and intelligence expert Bill Cowan and psychologist and terrorism analyst Dr. Renee Garfinkle as they interview national security newsmakers, veteran FBI, CIA and KGB intelligence officers, diplomats, former undercover agents and case officers.

Other guests this season are expected to include:

  • Former CIA Director James Woolsey;
  • Retired FBI agent Jack Garcia, who went undercover and helped bring down an organized crime family; and Andrew DiNato, an organized crime foot soldier turned government witness whose testimony helped convict key members of the Gambino crime family;
  • General Michael Hayden, former CIA Director, first Principal Deputy Director of National Intelligence, and former Director of the National Security Agency;
  • Former National Security Adviser Robert “Bud” McFarlane;
  • Gerald Blaine, one of the last living members of President John F. Kennedy’s Dallas Secret Service team; and
  • Former Russian spymaster Oleg Kalugin; and former FBI Director of Counterintelligence David Major.

“RLTV’s audience care deeply about economic and national security and America’s position in the world,” said RLTV Senior Vice President of Programming and Production Elliot Jacobson. “Danger Zone offers compelling stories from undercover agents, case officers and experts bringing to life a dangerous high-stakes undercover world.”

“We are proud to bring RLTV viewers insight from some of America’s most noted espionage and counterterrorism authorities and experts,” said Danger Zone host Richard Carlson. “The series stands out by combining insightful analysis and the incredible untold or little known stories of those who have put their lives on the line to help bring criminals and terrorists to justice.”

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About Richard Carlson
Richard W. Carlson is the vice chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracy, a Washington think tank concerned with international terrorism. He is a former director-general of the Voice of America and Associate Director of the US Information Agency, where he had responsibility for Radio Martí broadcasts to Cuba and all US government TV broadcasts overseas. He is the former President and CEO of King World Television, and served as President and CEO of the Corporation for Public Broadcasting. He was the US Ambassador to the Republic of Seychelles from 1991-1992. Ambassador Carlson has spent 30 years in journalism and business. He has received 18 major journalism awards, including three Emmys and the George Foster Peabody Award.

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