Press Release


RLTV is presenting “Mrs. America,” the world’s foremost pageant for the 70 million married, extraordinary women in America today.

BALTIMORE – May 4, 2011 -- As part of its ongoing commitment to celebrating the lives of Generation 50+ with timely, enriching, and inspiring programming—programming that captures the variety and fullness of their active lifestyles—RLTV is delighted to present Mrs. America, a one-of-a-kind prime time special honoring the achievements, the dignity, and the beauty of America’s wives and mothers. It’s a spectacle to salute the women whose generosity of spirit, sense of duty, and refinement are the very fabric of our great country. Mrs. America will air on Mother’s Day, May 8th, at 8pm ET on RLTV.

Hosted by Florence Henderson, one of America’s most stunning and talented women herself —and joined by her daughter, Barbara Chase—Mrs. America is the premier pageant in the world dedicated to honoring women with the maturity, the sophistication, and the understanding that creates a beauty that is soul deep. Welcoming the most accomplished, the most articulate, and the most elegant women from all 50 states and the District of Columbia, Mrs. America extols the radiance and the wisdom, the versatility and the poise, and the beauty that only comes from insight and experience.

Please join us on Sunday, May 8, 2011, at 8:00 ET, for a spectacular celebration of the women who unite our families: America’s mothers, America’s wives. They are our greatest natural resource, and our greatest national treasure.