Press Release


BALTIMORE – January 31, 2011 -- To celebrate the weekend of The Big Game, RLTV is premiering “Our Pack” a fast, funny, punchy documentary on the mania gripping the small city of Green Bay, home of the Green Bay Packers, who head into The Big Game for the fifth time. “Our Pack” airs on RLTV on Thursday and Friday at 8pm, Saturday at 9pm, and Sunday at 1pm.

Part history lesson, part quirky travelogue, part ethnographic investigation “Our Pack” goes to places few documentaries on sports teams go, visiting bratwurst factories, tailgate parties, prisons, and retirement communities, talking to psychotherapists, tattoo artists, and even a U.S. senator. Packer Fever permeates the city, from the maternity wards—where newborns are outfitted with Packers bonnets—to funeral parlors that feature Packers caskets. In Green Bay, you can open up a Packer checking account, go to Vince Lombardi Junior High School, and get Packers braces on your teeth.  From dentistry to divorce law, there is no escaping it: even the economy is dependent on the outcome of a game. As ex-Packer Larry McCarren puts it, “This is not a sport, it’s closer to a religion.”

“Our Pack” is not just for sports fans. It’s a portrait of a small town; it’s about community, loyalty, and team spirit. It’s about entrepreneurialism, civic pride, and beer. It’s about unconditional love. It’s also informative, enlivening, and vastly entertaining.

“It’s sort of America at its best,” says one fan. “‘Our Pack’ is the kind of invigorating and inspiring programming RLTV is dedicated to providing to our audience: programs that matter, programs that entertain, programs that reflect the diversity and vibrancy of our viewers,” said Elliot Jacobson, SVP of Programming and Production for RLTV.

“Our Pack” was Executive Produced by Brad Metzger, and Directed by Brad Metzger and Miguel A. de La Lama X.