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Legendary Deli Dynasty Finds Itself in a “Family Pickle” with an October 26 Debut on RLTV

BALTIMORE, MD, October 21, 2011 – From the creators of The Real Housewives series comes, “Family Pickle,” an RLTV original new series that takes a look inside New York City’s world renowned Carnegie Deli, home to the wildest cast of characters you’ll ever meet. Deliriously satisfying, furiously funny, and overstuffed like one of their signature sandwiches, “Family Pickle” premieres Wednesday, October 26th at 8PM on RLTV.

“I’ve always thought that getting an MBD (Marrying the Boss’ Daughter) would get me places,” said Sandy Levine. “I didn’t know that it would land me my own reality TV series.”

Fast paced and frenetic as New York itself, “Family Pickle” is a show about a family dynasty that flourishes in clamour, laughter, and sandwiches that are so big you can’t put your mouth around them. The series follows Marian and Sandy Levine, who run the Carnegie Deli, as they face familiar problems: working together and living together as a family, while passing on a legacy—the Carnegie Deli, a business that serves 500,000 customers a year. Generational clashes, spontaneous celebrity guest appearances, broken down delivery trucks, and pickle eating contests all make for the perfect “Family Pickle.”

“Family Pickle is, at its most basic, the story of Boomer parents and their grown children running a business together and the intergenerational challenges that ensue,” said Elliot Jacobson, Senior VP Programming and Production. “Add to this that they are the first family of New York Delis and the backdrop is the most famous Deli in the world and you know it’s going to be a fun ride.”

Founded in 1937, the world famous Carnegie Deli is a true New York City landmark situated in Midtown on 7th Avenue at 55th Street. The Deli is family owned and operated, and its walls of fame are filled with pictures of celebrities, dignitaries, athletes, and out-of-town guests. All of the gargantuan Carnegie Deli sandwiches are overstuffed with at least one pound of meat. “Family Pickle” gives viewers a true Carnegie Deli experience!

Watch “Family Pickle,” Wednesday, October 26 at 8PM only on RLTV.

“Family Pickle” is produced for RLTV by Kevin Kaufman, Kaufman Films.