Thursday, Dec 8, 2016

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12:00 PM

RLTV SpecialPolio Revisited

Vaccination is back in the national spotlight just as it was 60 years ago when researchers unveiled the world’s first polio vaccine. Like measles there is no cure for polio. See how vaccination turned the tide against a national health crisis and the dangers lurking for those who aren’t vaccinated.


1:00 PM

Taste of HistoryBen Franklin's Genius

Ben Franklin's genius was a spark that helped to launch a country. We visit the American Philosophical Society to learn more about this most amazing man. Chef Staib prepares Braised Oxtail, and he toasts Franklin with his authentic Spruce Beer.


1:30 PM

Taste of HistoryMadeira Wine by the Galleons

Philadelphia's docks were very busy in the 18th century, receiving ships from as far away as Portugal, laden with precious cargo, Madeira wine. Chef Staib prepares Chicken Madeira using this wine along with Spätzle and Chestnut Fritters.


2:00 PM

MarieCharles Shaughnessy / Family Fix It with Eric Stromer / April Bowlby / Busting Cyber Bulliaes



3:00 PM

Growing BolderDiscover Your Bold New Future

When you start Growing Bolder, what will you discover? It might be that your past could be a crucial part of your future. See why and get inspired.


3:30 PM

Growing BolderTime is Short: Start Growing Bolder

What's your dream? How are you Growing Bolder? Don't let anyone tell you it's impossible to do what you love.

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