Wednesday, May 25, 2016

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7:00 AM

Stanley On the GoVienna, Austria

Stanley visits the famous Lipizzaner Stallions, St. Stephens - the greatest Cathedral in Austria, and Klimt’s famous Der Kiss painting. He then samplesTafelespitz, the Hapsburgs’ favorite dish and conducts an orchestra.


7:30 AM

Stanley On the GoVaranasi - India's Holiest City

Stanley sees funeral pyres on the shore of the Ganges River, walks Varanasi's narrow alleyways, talks to the Merry Monk - a Buddhist Monk - at Sarnath, sees jawdropping temples in Arisa and then attends a Hindu wedding in New Delhi.


8:00 AM

HealthlineThe Athlete's Foot

Healthline explores Athlete's foot and common foot problems associated with physical activity.


8:30 AM

HealthlineAching Feet

Healthline examines chronic heel pain and discusses common conditions and methods of reliving foot pain.


9:00 AM

Whole Body HealthWater Therapy

From warm springs to water aerobics, we investigate the healing power of water.


9:30 AM

Whole Body HealthCancer: Integrative Therapies

Whole Body Health explores cancer care that treats the whole patient, body and spirit, instead of just the disease


10:00 AM

Growing BolderA Tribute to Lost Loved Ones

A basketball superstar has a message for YOU about your health. Plus, an artist's tribute to lost loved ones on this episode of Growing Bolder.


10:30 AM

Growing BolderAct on the Power of Your Words

We celebrate men and women who overcome obstacles and keep hope in their hearts even on dark days, and show how walking the walk is the true test of Growing Bolder.

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