Wednesday, Jul 27, 2016

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9:00 AM

Whole Body HealthSuperfoods

Anti-aging guru and best-selling author Nicholas Perricone, MD offers up the nutritional keys to aging well.


9:30 AM

Whole Body HealthCancer: Enzyme Therapy

A renegade Sloan Kettering-trained physician, treating patients with a radically different approach to cancer care.


10:00 AM

Growing BolderBolder Ever After

Believing in yourself -- and that you deserve a happy future -- is not always easy. But if you commit to Growing Bolder, you'll not only find your best life, you'll inspire everyone around you.


10:30 AM

Growing BolderHope and Happiness for Families

See the groundbreaking work one woman is doing for families battling Alzheimer's. How they're finding hope, peace and happiness on this episode of Growing Bolder.


11:00 AM


Healthline discusses the risks of ignoring foot pain and methods that can be used to alleviate pain.


11:30 AM

HealthlineDental Implants

Healthline examines the latest options for replacing missing teeth.


12:00 PM

Taste of HistoryJefferson's Monticello IV

During his time as Minister to France, Jefferson's culinary tastes were refined, and he sought to bring all of French cooking’s recipes home. In this episode, we get to know James Hemmings, Jefferson's slave cook who learned the ways of French cuisine.


12:30 PM

Taste of HistoryRoot Cellars

Wild geese were plentiful in 18th Century America and were prized both for their meat and their layer of fat. Chef Staib prepares a typical winter meal of Goose with Turnips, along with Crab Cake with Herb Remoulade.

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