Saturday, Aug 30, 2014

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Money Matters with Jean ChatzkyDeals

Not all deals are created equal. So how do you know which ones you should take? How can you even find the best deals in the first place? Jean Chatzky and guest, The Ultimate Cheapskate, Jeff Yeager are here to help you out.


9:00 AM

BookmarkRebecca Miller & Bob Spitz

Host Daryn Kagan talks with Rebecca Miller and Bob Spitz. Film critic Jeffery Lyons compares book and movie versions of The Hobbit and Rosemary's Baby. Tricia Springer takes us to a rare books antique roadshow.


10:00 AM

Home Again with Bob VilaInstalling Pre-Hung Doors, Hardwood Floors, and Gutters

Bob is in Mashpee, Massachusetts, to help with interior and exterior renovations. New sod is going down outside, hardwood floors are installed inside, and all doors on the entire property are being hung.


10:30 AM

Home Again with Bob VilaAffordable HVAC, Painting, Kitchen Cabinets and Counters

Bob's in Mashpee, Massachusetts where he has been working hard to complete four affordable homes. All of the hard work pays off as each home nears completion when the final touches are set in place.


11:00 AM

Second ActArt with a Heart

Randi Pupkin ditches her successful law practice so she can take art to communities in need. Now, she's risking it all on a new retail space. Can she raise enough money at the grand opening - and win over her skeptical mother? Paul DeMeo and his team are here to help.


11:30 AM

Second ActComic Relief

What happens when a government attorney decides to try his hand at stand-up comedy? Find out on this episode of Second Act, as a team of experts led by Paul DiMeo helps one man follow his comedy dreams.

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