Wednesday, Mar 4, 2015

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11:30 AM

HealthlineSleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is the most commonly diagnosed sleep disorder among American senior citizens; Dr. Soden explores the various causes of the disorder, how it is diagnosed and the treatment options that are available to patients.


12:00 PM

Taste of HistoryBlue Mountain Coffee

In this episode of the Emmy Award winning series, A Taste of History: Coffee came to Jamaica in 1740. Chef Walter climbs Jamaica's famous Blue Mountains to visit a coffee plantation, and prepare an elaborate British Plantation brunch.


12:30 PM

Taste of HistoryPirates Get their Due

In this episode of the Emmy Award winning series, A Taste of History: A pirate’s tale is revealed by Chef Staib as he explores Port Royal in Jamaica and rafts down the Rio Grande River to prepare authentic Jamaican recipes.


1:00 PM

Whole Body HealthYou: Staying Young

Dr. Roizen on how to stay as healthy as possible


1:30 PM

Whole Body HealthSuperfoods

Anti-aging guru and best-selling author Nicholas Perricone, MD offers up the nutritional keys to aging well.


2:00 PM

Growing BolderReinvent Yourself to Find Your Purpose

How Thomas Edison's legacy is alive, thanks to a man whose reinvention helped him find his own purpose. Then, how adding to your family can help you move forward and give back, on this episode of Growing Bolder.


2:30 PM

Growing BolderKeeping it in the Family

How a teen sensation and a veteran baseball player are making sweet music together. Then, America's greatest triathlete reveals what it is that keeps him running, on this episode of Growing Bolder.


3:00 PM

Home Again with Bob VilaBasement Finishing System and Custom Windows

Bob spends some time to go through what has been accomplished in the basement so far. Installation of walls and ceilings begin and the basement finishing system is installed. The staircase is repaired, and the old windows are replaced.

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