Monday, Jul 28, 2014

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5:30 AM

The Art of LivingInnkeepers / Granny D

Edith Harvey sheds light on the perspective of a faithful volunteer; a retired couple, Debbie and Jim Dahlberg, decided for a second profession to operate an inn; Doris Haddock is known as 'Granny D' and has walked across the United States.


6:00 AM

Books & BeyondKatherine Sharpe

The real life story of author Katherine Sharpe, her reliance on antidepressants as a young woman and the consequences of a nation of chemical dependence, is told in the book 'Coming of Age on Zoloft' at Powell¹s Word of Books in Portland, OR.


7:00 AM

Money Matters with Jean ChatzkyRetiring at Different Times

You dream of days spent at a house on the beach, but your spouse dreams of continuing their career. How can you compromise these two very different visions of retirement? As Jean Chatzky will explain: Very carefully and with lots of communication.


8:00 AM

HealthlineCancer Treatments

Healthline profiles the many side effects of cancer treatments.


8:30 AM

HealthlineSkin Cancer

A physician from the biomedical research facility at Johns Hopkins shares current information about skin cancer and other similar or related skin conditions that might be facing older adults who have spent too much time in the sun.


9:00 AM

AARP My GenerationBehind the Scenes

Take an inside look into the life of a working actor in Hollywood, plus movie man Peter Guber has stories worth listening to; then go behind the closed doors of a five star restaurant, and an inventive doctor has music on the mind.

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