Monday, Jul 25, 2016

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5:00 AM

The Art of LivingBig Apple Greeters/18th-Century Puppet Opera

Art of Living meets the Big Apple Greeters, puppet opera man Keith Sherburne and movement starter Dorothy Green.


5:30 AM

The Art of LivingVentriloquist / Medical Care for the Uninsured

Art of Living features ventriloquist Mary Barkley and Dr. Jack McConnell who provides system for providing medical care to the uninsured.


6:00 AM

Books & BeyondSteven Johnson

At Powell's World of Books in Portland, Oregon, visionary author Steve Johnson discusses how new paradigms are emerging and political change is on the rise in our country. Discover why he thinks progress is still possible


7:00 AM

Money Matters with Jean ChatzkyBoomerang Kids

More and more adult children are moving back home because they can't afford to be on their own. What happens when they overstay their welcome? How can you help them get back on their feet without raiding your retirement fund?


8:00 AM

HealthlinePost-Polio Syndrome

Healthline examines the eradication of polio in the USA and where we are today.


8:30 AM


Healthline examines Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disorder, a debilitating disease which increasingly restricts airflow to and from the lungs over time.

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