Thursday, Apr 17, 2014

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8:30 AM

Stanley On the GoVienna, Austria

Stanley visits the famous Lipizzaner Stallions, St. Stephens - the greatest Cathedral in Austria, and Klimt’s famous Der Kiss painting. He then samplesTafelespitz, the Hapsburgs’ favorite dish and conducts an orchestra.


9:00 AM

Taste of HistoryHercules: Slave Chef to the Washingtons

The Washingtons highly regarded their slave chef, Hercules, who was known to all guests as the best chef in the country. In this episode, Chef Staib prepares a Hercules signature dish, Veal Olives, along with a White Bean and Shallot Purée.


9:30 AM

Taste of HistoryWest Indies Influence

18th Century Philadelphia was on the Southern trade route, with ships arriving daily from the West Indies. In this episode, we discover that dishes like Salmon Escoveitch and Salmon Corn Cakes got their flair from West Indies spices.


10:00 AM

HealthlineSleep Apnea

Obstructive sleep apnea is the most commonly diagnosed sleep disorder among American senior citizens; Dr. Soden explores the various causes of the disorder, how it is diagnosed and the treatment options that are available to patients.


10:30 AM

HealthlineJump Start

Healthline examines ways to jump-start your exercise routine.


11:00 AM

Taste of HistoryBen Franklin's Genius

Ben Franklin's genius was a spark that helped to launch a country. We visit the American Philosophical Society to learn more about this most amazing man. Chef Staib prepares Braised Oxtail, and he toasts Franklin with his authentic Spruce Beer.


11:30 AM

Taste of HistoryMadeira Wine by the Galleons

Philadelphia's docks were very busy in the 18th century, receiving ships from as far away as Portugal, laden with precious cargo, Madeira wine. Chef Staib prepares Chicken Madeira using this wine along with Spätzle and Chestnut Fritters.


12:00 PM

Victory GardenKitchen Gardens

We'll visit the Sooke Harbour House, a sprawling seaside resort with an impressive kitchen garden, and savor the culinary creations made with locally grown edible flowers and herbs.

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