Saturday, Oct 25, 2014

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3:30 AM

The Gem Shopping NetworkAsian Collectibles with Max

Great bargains on unusual gemstone specimens, carvings and collectibles from the Orient.


4:00 AM

Stanley On the GoCalcutta On the Go

Stanley goes to the Park Street Cemetery - the last Christian cemetery in Calcutta, the flower market - the largest in Asia, joins a foursome at the Royal Calcutta Golf Course, and sees a palace from the colonial days.


4:30 AM

Stanley On the GoNepal

Stanley flies to Mt. Everest, the world's tallest mountain; goes white water rafting; tours historic sites, attends the Festival of the Living Goddess - this one is for Ripley's Believe It Or Not.


5:00 AM

Second ActPassion for Fashion

A woman works to follow her dream of starting her own clothing line, but can she overcome her husband's financial reluctance? Paul DiMeo and the Second Act team are there to help make it work.


5:30 AM

Seeking Solutions with SuzannePast, Present, Future

Blacksmith Mike Erdie educates us on the historical import of his craft and shows us some of the techniques employed in this fascinating trade. Then, Joy Loverde showcases several modern gadgets that can help improve the quality of life for everyone.


6:00 AM

The Mike Cuthbert ShowJonathan Rieder / Mark Kurlansky

AARP Host Mike Cuthbert talks with Jonathon Rieder, author of 'Gospel of Freedom', and Mark Kurlansky, author of 'Ready for a New Boat'.

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