Saturday, Oct 25, 2014

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9:00 PM

Taste of HistoryAntigua: Harboring British Interests

In this episode of the Emmy award winning series, A Taste of History: Chef Staib brings 18th century Antigua to life in honor of Lord Admiral Nelson with a plantation meal of Seafood Water and Pumpkin Pancakes.


9:30 PM

Taste of HistorySt. Lucia: Tropical Delights, Naval Fights

In this episode of the Emmy Award winning series, A Taste of History, the chef explores St. Lucia, an island of mixed cultures. Chef Walter blends these cultural influences in brilliant recipes for Curried Chicken and Buillion.


10:00 PM

Second ActRoom at the Inn

A newly married couple decides to open a bed and breakfast, but the venture proves harder than they thought. With help from Paul DiMeo and the Second Act team, they work to fill the beds - and still save time for each other.


10:30 PM

Second ActIcing on the Cake

With the kids grown, a woman decides to follow her dream of opening a bakery. Watch as the Second Act team led by Paul DiMeo helps her launch a cupcake truck and work to sell 1000 cupcakes in her make or break moment.


11:00 PM

Stanley On the GoCrystal Cruise - Grand Cayman

Stanley interviews the Captain of the Crystal Symphony, visits the kitchen at dinner time, visits the gym, talks to passengers at sea, meets the maitre 'd and walks the promenade deck on this 50,000 ton ship, called the 'Cadillac of cruising.'


11:30 PM

Stanley On the GoNepal

Stanley flies to Mt. Everest, the world's tallest mountain; goes white water rafting; tours historic sites, attends the Festival of the Living Goddess - this one is for Ripley's Believe It Or Not.


12:00 AM

The Gem Shopping NetworkDesigner Showcase with Steve and Bryan


12:30 AM

The Gem Shopping NetworkDesigner Showcase with Steve and Bryan

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