Thursday, Sep 18, 2014

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6:00 AM

Stanley On the GoBangkok On the Go

Stanley is there for the King's birthday celebration, a fast boat ride down the Klong and a taste of Pad Thai at the Peninsula Hotel. He watches ringside at a Thai boxing match, and then observes vendors selling their goods on active train tracks.


6:30 AM

Stanley On the GoBali On the Go

Stanley descends to the ocean bottom in a submarine, gets up close and personal with tigers, lions and elephants at the Bali Safari & Marine Park, visits a King in his Palace, and sees Balinese purify themselves at the Water Temple.


7:00 AM

HealthlineCancer Treatments

Healthline profiles the many side effects of cancer treatments.


7:30 AM


Dr. Soden examines the condition of irritable bowel syndrome in seniors; IBS is a stress-induced condition that targets the lower intestinal tract; causes and treatments are discussed for the seniors who are impacted by the debilitating symptoms.


8:00 AM

Second ActDesigning Duo

A woman decides to bring her new husband into her interior design business but faces challenges when working styles clash. With a big showcase coming up, can they work together to impress an important client?


8:30 AM

Stanley On the GoSalzberg and Insbruck, Austria

Features the famous Lipizzaner Stallions; St. Stephens, the greatest Cathedral in Austria; the Schonbrunn Palace, home of the Hapsburgs; Klimt’s famous Der Kiss painting; and Tafelespitz, the Hapsburgs’ favorite dish. Stanley conducts an orchestra


9:00 AM

Growing BolderWord Can Pack Power

What's your mission? A few words can pack a lot of power when it comes to Surviving & Thriving. And how one company is helping its employees open their hearts and arms, on this episode of Growing Bolder.



9:30 AM

Growing BolderWhat Keeps You Going?

101 years old and making professional baseball history. Plus, what drives the father of the juicing movement to keep going in his 80s, on this episode of Growing Bolder.


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