Thursday, May 28, 2015

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9:00 PM

Fraud Squad TVInternational Lotto Scam

A group of fraudsters ran an international lotto scheme that stretched all over the globe and lasted over twenty years, with the son taking over his father's scheme. Watch how the secret service brought this group to justice.


9:30 PM

Fraud Squad TVAffinity Fraud

Affinity frauds are perpetrated against people of particular social or ethnic groups. Learn how to protect yourself as victims share how they were taken by these criminals because they all shared a common belief or background.


10:00 PM

Cosmetic Surgery SpecialCosmetic Surgery Special

Viewers are provided with an extensive discussion regarding some of the more popular cosmetic procedures available for mature adults, as well as an investigation into the psychology behind patients opting for these particular operations.


11:00 PM

RV StyleRV Style

Art of Living meets adventurous retirees living full-time on the road who gather at the annual Quartzite RV Convention.


12:00 AM

The Gem Shopping NetworkHigh Fashion Jewelry and Gems with Sky


12:30 AM

The Gem Shopping NetworkHigh Fashion Jewelry and Gems with Sky

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