Friday, Sep 4, 2015

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Money Matters with Jean ChatzkyBest Of - Smart Spending

Effective financial habits that can help you thrive in retirement. How to 'fly high' with great deals on traveling. In this episode, Jean has pulled together these tips and more from this season's highlights on how to be a smart spender.


6:00 AM

HealthlineTummy Tuck

Healthline talks with experts about Tummy Tuck procedures and the best method for choosing the right plastic surgeon.


6:30 AM


Healthline explores menopause and it's male counterpart, andropause.


7:00 AM

What's Next?What's Next for Linda

What's Next? meets Linda who after being a fulfilling mother for so long, learns to fulfill her own needs.


8:00 AM

Growing BolderThe Family Fountain of Youth

Our sit-down chat with a stand-up guy who says believing in yourself is the only way to find success. Plus, What happens when chasing the fountain of youth is a family affair on this episode of Growing Bolder.


8:30 AM

Growing BolderClimb Every Mountain

The man who beats cancer every time he crosses the triathlon finish line, plus what Wendy Chioji and Marc Middleton learned while attempting to summit Mount Kilimanjaro, on this episode of Growing Bolder.

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