Monday, Sep 1, 2014

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Books & BeyondDr. Randal Jelks

Refered to as “one of the last great educators,” “Benjamin Mays, Schoolmaster of the Movement: A Biography” takes one of the first looks at the life of Benjamin Mays, as told by author Randall Jelks at Busboys and Poets in Washington, DC.


5:00 AM

Money Matters with Jean ChatzkyFunding College Bound Children/Grandchildren

With the cost of tuition creeping higher and higher, it is getting harder and harder to send our kids and grandkids to college. With the help of college aid expert Mark Kantrowitz of, Jean Chatzky has all the tips that can help.


6:00 AM


Healthline examines the physical, mental, and emotional adjustments to life after limb loss.


6:30 AM


Healthline explores menopause and it's male counterpart, andropause.


7:00 AM

AARP My GenerationSecond Chances

Former Monkee Peter Tork jams and talks about life after the band; Meet an acclaimed brain surgeon whose hands weren’t always on the mind; Plus, after a devastating storm a town rebuilds using green technology.


7:30 AM

AARP My GenerationHealthy Connections

Daisy Fuentes reveals her secrets to living healthy; an unusual kidney match turns into a lifetime bond; Chef Michel Richard cooks the perfect salmon, and are you wearing the right size bra?


8:00 AM

Growing BolderRefuse to Give Up

From a broken neck to breaking records, the story of a 70-something cyclist who refuses to give up. Plus, a peek into the futrue where high has prices don't bother anybody, on this episode of Growing Bolder.

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