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Creepy Cult ClassicsThe Terror


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Style in SteelDelage/ Corvette/ Road Runner

Gordon Miller Buehrig was just another young designer at the thriving Auburn Automobile Company in Pennsylvania before the war, when he was tapped to design what would be considered one of the top ten cars: the 1936 Cord 810. The Cord was low-slung, high-powered and front-driven -- with its engine tucked in BEHIND the transmission. At time time, it was unlike any other car on the road. The Cord became so sought after that production demand nearly tanked the company. It took 30 years for the echoes of the 1936 Cord 810 to be felt. The 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado was a tribute to its coffin-nosed predecessor with stunning design featured a horizontally-lined grille, hidden headlamps and vented hubcaps. But the Toronado’s allure faded like young love. Sales dropped by half one year after its introduction, and although the Toronado name led a modest life over the next 25 years, this once great car never gained car collector status, became nothing more than a memory. It’s a situation that collector Mike Markowski was determined to change.


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Style in SteelCord/ Olds Toronado

A look at the 1936 Cord 810 and the 1966 Oldsmobile Toronado.


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Style in SteelChevelle/Mylord Demi-Berlin

North American muscle-car expert, Jim Bodanis has a rather tidy collection of his own, but he always admired the dentist's car when he was growing up. Being able to locate one as an adult was a personal sign of success for JI. He takes us on a tour of this wolf in sheep's clothing: the 1970 4-speed Chevelle SS LS6, one of the seven 4-speeds out of a production line of 4,000. One of the most sensational classics of the 1930’s is the 1931 Avions Voisin C-20, known as the Mylord Demi-Berlin. This one-of- a-kind automobile It owes its unique design to the engineering genius of French aircraft designer, Gabriel Voisin. The interior feels like the cockpit of a plane, and the exterior looks as if it could be owned by Cruella de Ville… this became the iconic design of the time period.


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Danger ZoneFormer Director of the CIA

James Woolsey former director of the CIA talks about his experiences running the agency and about today’s spy craft in the post Bin Laden era. And are terrorists living next door to you? We tell you who they are and where they live.


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Danger ZonePresident Reagan's National Security Advisor/FBI's Most Wanted

John Poindexter, President Reagan's National Security Advisor reveals how really safe are you from terrorists and the FBI’s most wanted man is on the lam. He's armed and dangerous with a million dollar bounty on his head.


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Liquidation Channel

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