Thursday, Jul 30, 2015

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11:00 AM

Who's Cooking with Florence HendersonPenn Jillette

Penn Jillette cooks his favorite burger and french fries with Florence Henderson. Chef Govind Armstrong provides an alternative to Jillette's all american meal.


11:30 AM

Who's Cooking with Florence HendersonChristopher Knight

Christopher Knight cooks his famous pork chops and apple chutney with Florence Henderson. Chef Govind Armstrong provides an alternative to Knight's hearty dish.


12:00 PM

Growing BolderVaulting to Success

A pole vaulting rock star who will blow away any stereotypes you have about aging athletes. Then, what Wendy Chioji learned when a devastating diagnosis came back, on this episode of Growing Bolder.


12:30 PM

Growing BolderListen and Look for Opportunities

Whether you travel around the world or stay close to home, you can make your passion pay off! See how reinventing your career can be a key to Growing Bolder.


1:00 PM

Home Again with Bob VilaCountertops and Appliances

Countertops from are installed, along with a new sink and faucet. Plus, restaurant-grade stainless-steel cooking appliances are delivered and set up in the renovated kitchen.


1:30 PM

Home Again with Bob VilaCustom Trim Work, Landscaping, and Bathroom Fixtures

General contractor Tim Berky installs custom trim. The Kelly Brothers landscaping company works to plant a new hedge row. And inside, Berky shows Bob how to avoid damaging tile when installing new fixtures.


2:00 PM

Taste of HistoryOriginal Sushi

Chef Staib reveals A Taste of History in the origins of Japanese sushi. We travel to the Kobe area of Japan, to see the most prized and pampered beef in the world. We Learn how Admiral Perry opened trade to Japan and tour the Imperial Palace in Kyoto.


2:30 PM

Taste of HistoryRevolutionary Caribbean

Chef Walter takes us to the island of Turks and Caicos, and prepares Caribbean delights such as Conch Chowder and Cod Fish Cakes. We tour the Caribbean to see how important it was to the Revolutionary War, and to remember the wonderful Tastes of History we have sampled there.

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