Monday, Apr 21, 2014

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7:00 AM

AARP My GenerationBehind the Scenes

Take an inside look into the life of a working actor in Hollywood, plus movie man Peter Guber has stories worth listening to; then go behind the closed doors of a five star restaurant, and an inventive doctor has music on the mind.


7:30 AM

AARP My GenerationOpening Doors

Meet extraordinary people who are paving the way for others, like actor Jimmy Smits who is unlocking the door for the next generation of Latino artists; then a deconstruction company gives people and things a second chance at life.


8:00 AM

Whole Body HealthSupplements

Whole Body Health explores the science behind supplements


8:30 AM

Whole Body HealthWater Therapy

From warm springs to water aerobics, we investigate the healing power of water.


9:00 AM

HealthlineAching Feet

Healthline examines chronic heel pain and discusses common conditions and methods of reliving foot pain.


9:30 AM

HealthlineAging Spine

Healthline discuss ways seniors can keep their backs healthy and pain free, and treatment methods are also examined.


10:00 AM

Taste of HistoryThe Powells - Friends of the Washingtons

Samuel Powel has the distinction of being the first mayor of Philadelphia after the War of Independence. He hosted parties for George and Martha Washington, Chef Staib prepares a Washington favorite: Forced Cabbage and a Traditional Beef Stew with Egg Noodles.


10:30 AM

Taste of HistorySurgery and Soda Pop

Dr. Philip Syng Physick is considered the father of American surgery but also came up with the idea of soda pop! Chef Staib prepares Smoked Brook Trout on Potato Pancakes, Coq au Vin, and Brussel Sprouts in honor of the Doctor.

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