Sunday, Sep 21, 2014

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9:00 AM

Second ActGoing to the Dogs

A woman starts a new dog boarding business - and finds herself sleeping in the kennel every night. Paul DiMeo and his team try to throw her a bone - and get her back home to her husband.


9:30 AM

Second ActDesigning Duo

A woman decides to bring her new husband into her interior design business but faces challenges when working styles clash. With a big showcase coming up, can they work together to impress an important client?


10:00 AM

Victory GardenStonescaping

Have you ever wanted to incorporate a stone wall, walkway or simple ornament into your garden? Tune in to The Victory Garden and find out how and why some of the world's most elegant gardens use stone.


10:30 AM

Who's Cooking with Florence HendersonJoe Mantegna

Joe Mantegna cooks his favorite bronzing al cartoccio with Florence Henderson. Chef Govind Armstrong provides an alternative to Mantengna's family recipe.


11:00 AM

BookmarkRebecca Miller & Bob Spitz

Host Daryn Kagan talks with Rebecca Miller and Bob Spitz. Film critic Jeffery Lyons compares book and movie versions of The Hobbit and Rosemary's Baby. Tricia Springer takes us to a rare books antique roadshow.

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