Tuesday, Oct 21, 2014

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2:00 PM

Taste of HistoryLiquid Gold

In this episode of the Emmy Award winningseries, A Taste of History: Rum was so valuable in the colonies that it was even used as currency. Chef Staib travels to Guyana to craft rum and recipes from the 18th Century.


2:30 PM

Taste of HistoryIn Search of Catchup

Chef Staib travels to Malaysia to trace the origins of catchup visit an organic farm, and prepare local Malaysian specialties in bamboo.


3:00 PM

Victory GardenShade Garden

Having trouble getting your garden to flourish with only a tiny bit of sunlight in your yard or deck? Plan your landscape design accordingly by using the The Victory Garden's best tips for gardening in the shade.


3:30 PM

Victory GardenWater Garden

Creating a water garden is a hot new trend - Michael Weishan offers his 'Best Bets' for plants that are both beautiful and functional whether you're planting your water garden in a pond, steam or bog, and then a magnificent dish of mussels and garden-fresh parsley.


4:00 PM

Home Again with Bob VilaFinishing Details in the Manhattan Brownstone

Bob Vila wraps up his 15th season of Home Again by showcasing all of the hard work and skilled labor completed on a Manhattan Brownstone floor-through apartment. Bob walks through each area of the space, revealing the transformation.


4:30 PM

Home Again with Bob VilaRebuilding to Beat a Hurricane

Bob learns about Hurricane Resistant building and then meets with FLASH -- Federal Alliance for Safe Housing and FEMA -- Federal Emergency Management Agency, to learn how homeowners can protect their homes from damaging storms.


5:00 PM

Money Matters with Jean ChatzkyDriving Truths

Whether you consider yourself a car person or not, we all have car questions. With the help of car experts Lawrence Ulrich and Jonathan Weinberg, Jean Chatzky helps you navigate the confusing road of buying, selling, and everything in-between.

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