Sunday, May 1, 2016

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3:30 AM

Cash Call with Jean ChatzkyPass It On: Financial Lessons from Grandparents

Grandparents are our most valuable resource when it comes to financial wisdom -- they've seen it all. Joined by Lynnette Khalfani-Cox, Jean Chatzky takes a look at all the ways grandparents can help their grandchildren when it comes to money matters.


4:00 AM

Danger ZoneInside Guantanamo/CIA's Bag of Secret Tricks

A look inside Guantanamo. How are prisoners treated and what's its like on the inside of the wire? We have the story from an army major that served there. And the real Q of James Bond movies. Inside the CIA's bag of secret tricks.


4:30 AM

Danger ZoneCounterfeit Cash in the U.S./FBI Undercover Agent

The Chinese Mafia dropped counterfeit cash in the U.S. and we tell you how the counterfeiters were caught. We take you inside 'NAMBLA,' the man-boy love association. We meet an FBI undercover agent who put these pedophiles behind bars.


5:00 AM

Growing Bolder Magical Music

Want to start Growing Bolder? Head to the playground! Plus, making magic with music -- on this episode.


5:30 AM

Fraud Squad TVCounterfeit Sports Memorabilia

Counterfeit products are a hot topic presently, and in the world of sports memorabilia counterfeit products can make criminals rich; then a story about a couple who used their knowledge of the real estate business to steal people's homes.


6:00 AM

Money Matters with Jean ChatzkySingles Are Different

Whether in the arena of insurance, investing or estate planning, singles have different financial needs. Whether due to divorce, death, or other circumstances, being on your own financially can be daunting, but Jean Chatzky is here to help.

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