Saturday, May 23, 2015

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8:00 AM

Home Again with Bob VilaPaneling the Kitchen, Installing Hot Water, and Hanging Doors

Bob teams up with Jason Hill of New England Classic as the paneling is installed in the kitchen. The two move on to accomplish the same for living area of the Manhattan Brownstone floor-through apartment.


8:30 AM

Home Again with Bob VilaCladding, Insulating, and Zoning for an Affordable Home

Bob is back in Mashpee, Massachusetts where he meets developer Joe Valle, the chair of the Mashpee Zoning Board of Appeals. They review how Act 40B benefited the community and the developer through creative zoning relief.


9:00 AM

Second ActServing Up Success

A couple gets a second chance at their dream of owning a restaurant, but this time around they have Paul DiMeo and a team of experts to help. Watch as they gear up for their grand opening - and work together to succeed in the challenging restaurant business.


9:30 AM

Second ActGoing to the Dogs

A woman starts a new dog boarding business - and finds herself sleeping in the kennel every night. Paul DiMeo and his team try to throw her a bone - and get her back home to her husband.


10:00 AM

Taste of HistoryBartram's Gardens: A Revolution in Gardening

The Philadelphia gardens of botanists John and William Bartram were a favorite excursion for our founding fathers. Watch Chef Walter cook Fried Lafayette Fish, Curried Tofu with Shrimp, Turbot and Braised Romaine, in the hearth of Bartram’s kitchen.


10:30 AM

Who's Cooking with Florence HendersonVirginia Madsen

Virgina Madsen cooks her favorite egg rolls with Florence Henderson. Chef Govind Armstrong provides an alternative to Madsen's scrumptious snack.


11:00 AM

BookmarkMichael Tucker & Lynn Sherr

Host Daryn Kagan talks with Michael Tucker (After Annie) and Lynn Sherr [Swim). Film critic Jeffery Lyons helps weigh book and movie versions of The Sessions and The Grapes of Wrath. Tricia Springer takes us inside a crime writers' conference.

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