Sunday, Aug 2, 2015

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3:30 AM

Cash Call with Jean ChatzkyStretching Your Dollar: Strategies to Shop and Save

People who have a savings plan are twice as likely to live below their means and save the rest. In this episode of 'Cash Call,' Jean Chatzky provides tips on shopping smartly stretching your dollar further so you can save the rest for retirement.


4:00 AM

Danger ZoneKGB Master Spy/FBI Expert

A KGB master spy lived and worked in Washington DC for two decades without being caught. His amazing story of daring and deception. Also, when spying becomes a family business. We talk with an FBI expert about the families of Walker and Nicholson.


4:30 AM

Danger ZoneJFK's Secret Service Agent/Inside the Secret Service

Last of JFK's Secret Service agents break his silence on what happened that day in Dallas, and Investigative reporter Ron Kessler scoops a look inside the Secret Service; what are presidents and first families really like when the cameras are off.


5:00 AM

Growing BolderDo You Dare to Go Bare?

Watch the photo finish of an inspirational race featuring two unlikely athletes. Plus, dare to go bare! How revealing some skin may reveal your inner sex symbol, on this episode of Growing Bolder.


5:30 AM

Fraud Squad TVCemetery Scam

This episode uncovers the horrifying story of a funeral home involved with selling recycled graves. Join us as we take you through a fraud scheme that exploited and desecrated the final resting place of these victim's loved ones.


6:00 AM

Money Matters with Jean ChatzkyTravel

Be it Bali, Boston or Brazil, we all have our list of dream travel destinations. However, globetrotting can be difficult if your budget is tight. Jean provides you with the strategies you can use to see the world without ruining your wallet.

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