Tuesday, Apr 21, 2015

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3:00 AM

The Art of LivingBeyond The Rim / Doctor / Ms. Senior America

Art of Living meets James Russell who shares his grandmother's stories of slavery in 'Beyond the Rim'; retired doctor turned photographer George Greenfield; and 2003 Ms. Senior America Sandra Greco.


3:30 AM

The Art of LivingP-51 Mustang/Teaching Italian/Naomi Judd

Art of Living features Lou Prawitz who built a P-51 Mustang; Paola Tate who teaches Italian and Naomi Judd who speaks on aging gratefully.


4:00 AM

Books & BeyondDr. Randal Jelks

Refered to as “one of the last great educators,” “Benjamin Mays, Schoolmaster of the Movement: A Biography” takes one of the first looks at the life of Benjamin Mays, as told by author Randall Jelks at Busboys and Poets in Washington, DC.


5:00 AM

Stanley On the GoMexico City - Independence Day

Stanley is in the Zocalo for Mexico's Independence Day as Mexico's President rings the liberty bell. Then Stanley tastes tequila at the San Juan Market and dines at La Fonda, one of Mexico City's great Mexican restaurants.


5:30 AM

Seeking Solutions with SuzanneClubs

Suzanne welcomes three guests who discuss the various clubs they participate in. Next, she takes aim and tries her hand at archery. Finally, Suzanne gets a look at a sport that's rapidly gaining popularity among seniors – bowling.


6:00 AM

HealthlineTaste/Smell Disorders

Healthline explores the variety of causes and treatments of taste and smell disorders.


6:30 AM

HealthlineCarpal Tunnel

Healthline discusses carpal tunnel syndrome - the symptoms, causes and who is at risk. Also examined are the available treatment options, current research, and preventive measures.

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