Tuesday, Sep 1, 2015

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7:00 AM

Whole Body HealthArts Therapy

Can Arts Therapy impact your health


7:30 AM

Whole Body HealthSupplements

Whole Body Health explores the science behind supplements


8:00 AM

Growing BolderThe Amazing Power of Music

The amazing power of music: how it defines our past and can enhance our future.


8:30 AM

Growing BolderGrowing Bolder and Leading the Way

Surviving and thriving. It's a passion for a man who's devoted his life to helping others. Plus, how to light the spark in your life.


9:00 AM

HealthlineMinority Health Issues

Healthline explores the health disparities between the races.


9:30 AM

HealthlineHip Replacement

Science has made incredible strides with hip replacements; Dr. Soden examines what's involved in a hip replacement and who should consider one; advances have reduced recovery times so it's possible to be up and ready for action in almost no time.


10:00 AM

Taste of HistoryLiquid Gold

In this episode of the Emmy Award winningseries, A Taste of History: Rum was so valuable in the colonies that it was even used as currency. Chef Staib travels to Guyana to craft rum and recipes from the 18th Century.


10:30 AM

Taste of HistoryIn Search of Catchup

Chef Staib travels to Malaysia to trace the origins of catchup visit an organic farm, and prepare local Malaysian specialties in bamboo.

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