Tuesday, May 3, 2016

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2:30 AM

The Gem Shopping NetworkGem Collectors with Shawn

An energetic and educational show offering great values on minerals, fossils and rare gemstones.


3:00 AM

The Art of LivingNJ Laugh Club / Oldest Bartender in NYC / Crazy Horse Memorial

Art of Living meets Maria Bethke who founded the NJ Laugh Club to help overcome grief; Hoy Wong is the Oldest Bartender in NYC at the famous Algonquin Hotel; and Ruth Ziolkowski works to complete the Crazy Horse Memorial.


3:30 AM

The Art of LivingVolunteer / Bahamas Biology / Video Gamer

Art of Living meets USO Volunteer Arlene Zobrist, underwater biology enthusiat Sandy Robbins and Doris Self, the world’s best “Q-Bert” player.


4:00 AM

Books & BeyondKatherine Sharpe

The real life story of author Katherine Sharpe, her reliance on antidepressants as a young woman and the consequences of a nation of chemical dependence, is told in the book 'Coming of Age on Zoloft' at Powell¹s Word of Books in Portland, OR.


5:00 AM

Stanley On the GoMinnesota In January

Stanley heads north just in time to experience Minnesota in January. From ice fishing to the sport of curling, he learns the art of having fun while keeping warm in sub-zero temperatures.


5:30 AM

Seeking Solutions with SuzanneClubs

Suzanne welcomes three guests who discuss the various clubs they participate in. Next, she takes aim and tries her hand at archery. Finally, Suzanne gets a look at a sport that's rapidly gaining popularity among seniors – bowling.


6:00 AM

HealthlineHip Replacement

Science has made incredible strides with hip replacements; Dr. Soden examines what's involved in a hip replacement and who should consider one; advances have reduced recovery times so it's possible to be up and ready for action in almost no time.

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