Tuesday, Oct 13, 2015

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7:00 PM

Home Again with Bob VilaMetal Roofing, Solar Roof Panels, Siding, and Trim

Metal roofing and photovoltaic panels for solar energy are installed. Windows and doors are installed and steps are taken to prevent mold growth. While the house is being dried out, siding and trim are put in place.


7:30 PM

Home Again with Bob VilaFinishing up with Cedar Porch, Fireplace, and Stone Veneer

The addition is nearly complete and it is time for the mechanicals, porch, flooring, and fireplaces. Bob checks out the hydro-air boiler, radiant heating, insulation, interior painting, and new doors.


8:00 PM

Money Matters with Jean ChatzkyBest Of - A Family Affair

How do you balance your own finances with the needs of your children? There are few things that raise more questions about money than your family. In this episode, Jean revisits this season's stories and discussions in which money is all in the family.


9:00 PM

Second ActArt with a Heart

Randi Pupkin ditches her successful law practice so she can take art to communities in need. Now, she's risking it all on a new retail space. Can she raise enough money at the grand opening - and win over her skeptical mother? Paul DeMeo and his team are here to help.


9:30 PM

Second ActRoom at the Inn

A newly married couple decides to open a bed and breakfast, but the venture proves harder than they thought. With help from Paul DiMeo and the Second Act team, they work to fill the beds - and still save time for each other.


10:00 PM

Stanley On the GoSalzberg and Insbruck, Austria

We go to Salzburg; watch a Master Chef prepare the perfect wiernerschnitzel at the Hotel Sacher, sail the Salzac River and interview the Mayor of Salzburg. In Innsbruck, we take a funicular to a popular ski resort, watch an alpine town celebrate Thanksgiving.


10:30 PM

Stanley On the GoBali On the Go

Stanley descends to the ocean bottom in a submarine, gets up close and personal with tigers, lions and elephants at the Bali Safari & Marine Park, visits a King in his Palace, and sees Balinese purify themselves at the Water Temple.

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