Friday, Nov 21, 2014

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1:00 PM

Taste of HistoryThe Washingtons at Mt Vernon I

George Washington enjoyed spending time at his family plantation, Mount Vernon. Join Chef Walter Staib as he prepares some of the first President’s favorite dishes such as Roasted Beef Marrow, Baked Stuffed Sturgeon, and Citrus Vinaigrette.


1:30 PM

Taste of HistoryThe Washingtons at Mt Vernon II

Always a gracious hostess, “Martha Washington” invites Chef Walter to tea. In the kitchen, Chef Walter’s menu includes Pickled Herring Bonne Femme, Roasted Stuffed Grouse, Braised Sunchokes and Sweet Potato Biscuits.


2:00 PM

Victory GardenShoreline Garden

Gardening by the sea has its own unique challenges. Tune in to The Victory Garden and learn some innovative approaches for planning a shoreline garden as well as tips on tools for water gardening, and then a recipe for delicious stuffed zucchini.


2:30 PM

Victory GardenWater Garden

Creating a water garden is a hot new trend - Michael Weishan offers his 'Best Bets' for plants that are both beautiful and functional whether you're planting your water garden in a pond, steam or bog, and then a magnificent dish of mussels and garden-fresh parsley.


3:00 PM

Growing BolderReinvent Yourself to Find Your Purpose

How Thomas Edison's legacy is alive, thanks to a man whose reinvention helped him find his own purpose. Then, how adding to your family can help you move forward and give back, on this episode of Growing Bolder.


3:30 PM

Growing BolderGive Peace a Chance

Move forward. Give back. And get inspiration. Plus, give peace a chance! On this episode of Growing Bolder.


4:00 PM

Home Again with Bob VilaStorm-Ready Design: Storm-Ready Doors, Fiberglass Wallboard, and Power Backup

Bob meets with Jesse Gonzales to install an impact-resistant front door. Electrician, Jose Rodriguez, installs wiring and plumber, Dan Gerry, shows how to work with metal studs and cement slab. Thad Goodman installs Fiberglass-faced wallboard


4:30 PM

Home Again with Bob VilaMiami Real Estate Search

Upon visiting the famous Fontainebleau, Bob zeroes in on the Miami condo market. He and architect Michael Pierce tour the dated rooms, brainstorming ways to open up this cramped space. Bob hopes to achieve a fresher look and feel.

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