Wednesday, Jul 30, 2014

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10:00 AM

Whole Body HealthCancer: Enzyme Therapy

A renegade Sloan Kettering-trained physician, treating patients with a radically different approach to cancer care.


10:30 AM

Whole Body HealthCancer: Integrative Therapies

Whole Body Health explores cancer care that treats the whole patient, body and spirit, instead of just the disease


11:00 AM

Growing BolderCollecting Clothes and Making a Difference

Step inside a unqiue closet and meet its inspirational owner who is making a big difference for others. Plus, could you live under one roof with extended family and complete strangers? On this episode of Growing Bolder.



11:30 AM

Growing BolderMaking Sweet Major League Music

He made sweet music in the major leagues, and now he's coaching college kids who are hanging on every word. Plus, art from the heart on this episode of Growing Bolder.



12:00 PM

HealthlineAching Feet

Healthline examines chronic heel pain and discusses common conditions and methods of reliving foot pain.


12:30 PM

HealthlineTaste/Smell Disorders

Healthline explores the variety of causes and treatments of taste and smell disorders.


1:00 PM

Taste of HistoryThe Madison - Entertaining I

Dolley Madison was the toast of Washington, hosting her famous “squeeze” parties at the White House. Chef Walter throws a party, Dolley-style; cooking up a feast, which includes Artichokes, Veal Kidney Dijonnaise, and Fried Catfish for their guests.


1:30 PM

Taste of HistoryDolley & James Madison - Montpelier II

Chef Walter learns more about how the Madison’s dined and entertained at their beautiful home. He prepares a menu befitting a Presidential state dinner: Virginia Ham and Oysters, Roast Pheasant with Cornmeal Stuffing and Peas a la Française.

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