Wednesday, Jan 28, 2015

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The Gem Shopping Network


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The Gem Shopping Network


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The Gem Shopping Network


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The Gem Shopping Network


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The Art of LivingSaving the Environment / Living Treasures / 60+ Punk Band

Art of Living meets Lillian Chiarella who's fighting to save her hometown's natural environment; Mary Lou Cook who honors 'Living Treasures'; and JoDina who started a 60+ punk band.


6:30 AM

The Art of LivingRiver Partners / Nick & George Clooney

Art of Living meets River Partner's founder Bernard Flynn; Civil Air Patrol pilot Gene Hartman; and Nick Clooney and son George who work to help Darfur.


7:00 AM

Books & BeyondKatherine Sharpe

The real life story of author Katherine Sharpe, her reliance on antidepressants as a young woman and the consequences of a nation of chemical dependence, is told in the book 'Coming of Age on Zoloft' at Powell¹s Word of Books in Portland, OR.

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