Thursday, Sep 3, 2015

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3:00 PM

Growing BolderMaking Sweet Major League Music

He made sweet music in the major leagues, and now he's coaching college kids who are hanging on every word. Plus, art from the heart on this episode of Growing Bolder.


3:30 PM

Growing BolderWild and Crazy for Growing Bolder

When it comes to Growing Bolder -- who ya gonna call? How about Dan Aykroyd? He's a wild and crazy guy who's started a new business, and he has some tips he wants to share on this episode of Growing Bolder.


4:00 PM

Home Again with Bob VilaAffordable Paint Jobs, Septic, and Basement Entry

Bob Vila reviews the process of prepping the exterior with high-quality caulk to seal around windows and doors then the Infiltrator septic system is installed and eliminates the need for rock fill, long leach fields, and extensive leveling.


4:30 PM

Home Again with Bob VilaInstalling a Composite Deck and Fiberglass Drywall

In Mashpee, Bob Vila checks out the new composite deck that is being installed outside, and fiberglass drywall that is going up inside. Pressure-treated lumber is used on the deck before the composite decking is installed with pre-drilled holes.


5:00 PM

Taste of HistoryJames Monroe

Our 5th President, James Monroe, was taught law by his close friend and neighbor Thomas Jefferson. We learn about the Monroe Doctrine, and Chef Staib cooks at Monroe's Ash Lawn Highland estate, preparing Fried Lake Perch and Kohlrabi in his honor.


5:30 PM

Taste of HistoryPirates Get their Due

In this episode of the Emmy Award winning series, A Taste of History: A pirate’s tale is revealed by Chef Staib as he explores Port Royal in Jamaica and rafts down the Rio Grande River to prepare authentic Jamaican recipes.


6:00 PM

Fraud Squad TVIllness & Disaster Frauds

Society's altruism can be easily affirmed through the donations given to charities in times of need. However, there are individuals out there who want to exploit these good-natured donations and re-direct them into their own pockets.


6:30 PM

Fraud Squad TVCounterfeit Sports Memorabilia

Counterfeit products are a hot topic presently, and in the world of sports memorabilia counterfeit products can make criminals rich; then a story about a couple who used their knowledge of the real estate business to steal people's homes.

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