Saturday, Aug 29, 2015

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5:30 AM

The Gem Shopping NetworkAsian Collectibles with Max

Great bargains on unusual gemstone specimens, carvings and collectibles from the Orient.


6:00 AM

Stanley On the GoCalcutta On the Go

Stanley goes to the Park Street Cemetery - the last Christian cemetery in Calcutta, the flower market - the largest in Asia, joins a foursome at the Royal Calcutta Golf Course, and sees a palace from the colonial days.


6:30 AM

Stanley On the GoVienna, Austria

Stanley visits the famous Lipizzaner Stallions, St. Stephens - the greatest Cathedral in Austria, and Klimt’s famous Der Kiss painting. He then samplesTafelespitz, the Hapsburgs’ favorite dish and conducts an orchestra.


7:00 AM

Second ActGoing to the Dogs

A woman starts a new dog boarding business - and finds herself sleeping in the kennel every night. Paul DiMeo and his team try to throw her a bone - and get her back home to her husband.


7:30 AM

Seeking Solutions with SuzanneDr. Oz

Suzanne sits down with Dr. Oz, a.k.a. 'America’s Doctor,' for his take on everything from how he met Oprah to his mantra for aging well. Then, a record 7.2 million Americans age 65 and older are working. Find out why retirement may be a thing of the past.


8:00 AM

What's Next?What's Next for Barbara

Barbara volunteers with abused women and children, begins exercising and starts an event-planning company.


9:00 AM

Money Matters with Jean ChatzkyYour Family and Your Money

Your money can be complicated. Your family can be complicated. Mixing the two together can be a mess -- unless you proceed with caution. In this episode, Jean Chatzky gives you the tips you need to manage both of these tricky territories.

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