Wednesday, Oct 7, 2015

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11:30 AM

Growing BolderMagical Music

Want to start Growing Bolder? Head to the playground! Plus, making magic with music -- on this episode.


12:00 PM


Healthline examines surgeries performed with the help of robots.


12:30 PM

HealthlineJump Start

Healthline examines ways to jump-start your exercise routine.


1:00 PM

Taste of HistoryBreeding 18th Century Animals

Modern farming techniques have plumped animals up but an effort is underway at Colonial Williamsburg to get back to original breeds. In this episode, Chef Staib cooks at Harriton House, preparing Beef Barley Soup, Pork Ragoût and Sally Lunn Dumplings.


1:30 PM

Taste of HistoryCoffee at Colonial Williamsburg

Chef Staib cooks in Peyton Randolph’s (the President of the First Continental Congress) actual kitchen in Colonial Williamsburg, preparing Chicken Vermicelli Soup, Veal Fricassée and Curried Rice Pilaf.


2:00 PM

Whole Body HealthCancer: Enzyme Therapy

A renegade Sloan Kettering-trained physician, treating patients with a radically different approach to cancer care.


2:30 PM

Whole Body HealthMagnet Therapy

The medical positives of magnetic energy


3:00 PM

Growing BolderMake a Masterpiece in Just Minutes

A masterpiece made in just minutes -- it's a story you won't be able to take your eyes off of. Plus, 'baking' a difference for people in need, on the next Growing Bolder.

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