Sunday, Apr 20, 2014

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7:00 AM

Danger ZoneFormer Director of the CIA

James Woolsey former director of the CIA talks about his experiences running the agency and about today’s spy craft in the post Bin Laden era. And are terrorists living next door to you? We tell you who they are and where they live.


7:30 AM

Danger ZoneKGB Master Spy/FBI Expert

A KGB master spy lived and worked in Washington DC for two decades without being caught. His amazing story of daring and deception. Also, when spying becomes a family business. We talk with an FBI expert about the families of Walker and Nicholson.


8:00 AM

Fraud Squad TVInternet Crime / Identity Thieves

Fraud Squad TV reveals how to protect yourself on the Internet and reports on an investigation that leads to the arrest of an unlikely team of identity thieves.


8:30 AM

Fraud Squad TVCharity Fraud / Investment Fraud

Fraud Squad TV eposes scam artists who victimize charity organizations , plus how one man scammed more than $20 million from the business world's most savvy investors.


9:00 AM

Money Matters with Jean ChatzkyFinancial Habits

How much of your day is habit? In this episode, Jean Chatzky not only reveals the surprising answer, but she tells you how these habits are affecting your financial life -- and how you can change these habits for the better.


10:00 AM

BookmarkRebecca Miller & Bob Spitz

Host Daryn Kagan talks with Rebecca Miller and Bob Spitz. Film critic Jeffery Lyons compares book and movie versions of The Hobbit and Rosemary's Baby. Tricia Springer takes us to a rare books antique roadshow.

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