Friday, May 22, 2015

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11:00 AM

Growing BolderMake Your Own Lucky Breaks

Major League Baseball's efforts to right a historical wrong, in a special draft for the ages. Plus, how one woman became an overnight sensation, all thanks to the Internet! On this episode of Growing Bolder.


11:30 AM

Growing BolderSave Your Relationship, One Step at a Time

Grab someone you love and lace up your sneakers -- the best relationships may be forged one step at a time. Then, he lost the use of his hand but never his piano-playing dreams, on this episode of Growing Bolder.


12:00 PM

HealthlineSyndrome X

Healthline explores Syndrome X and its connection to the same conditions that lead to type 2 diabetes.


12:30 PM


Fibromyalgia can be a debilitating condition and it impacts millions of Americans; Dr. Soden and a team of medical experts discuss the impact of the syndrome known as fibromyalgia on sufferers and what the current treatment options are.


1:00 PM

Taste of HistoryBirds of America - John James Audubon

Chef Walter tours artist, John James Audubon’s farm and bird sanctuary near Valley Forge. The chef prepares a very unusual poultry recipe, Stuffed Cock’s Comb and Chicken Curry, “the Indian Way,” from Hannah Glasse’s 1747 cookbook.


1:30 PM

Taste of HistoryNothing Grows on Exuma

The descendants of slaves on the Island of have kept their ancestors’ rich culture alive on the island. Chef Walter introduces us to the recipes of Exuma: Conch Salad, Conch Fritters, Fish Fry and a Guava Duff.


2:00 PM

Who's Cooking with Florence HendersonLeeza Gibbons

Leeza Gibbons bakes her favorite chocolate crisis cake with Florence Henderson. Chef Govind Armstrong provides an alternative to Gibbons' tempting treat.


2:30 PM

Who's Cooking with Florence HendersonFran Drescher

Fran Drescher cooks her delicious black bean burger with Florence Henderson. Meals on Wheels Chef Sonny Sonnhalter provides an alternative to Drescher's southwestern snack.

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