Friday, May 6, 2016

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Dr. Soden and a team of medical experts explore patient medication management; they discuss the importance of patients being advocates for their own care and the attention to detail that is a necessary component of medication management.


12:30 PM


Healthline examines household allergies.


1:00 PM

Taste of HistoryBlue Mountain Coffee

In this episode of the Emmy Award winning series, A Taste of History: Coffee came to Jamaica in 1740. Chef Walter climbs Jamaica's famous Blue Mountains to visit a coffee plantation, and prepare an elaborate British Plantation brunch.


1:30 PM

Taste of HistoryPirates Get their Due

In this episode of the Emmy Award winning series, A Taste of History: A pirate’s tale is revealed by Chef Staib as he explores Port Royal in Jamaica and rafts down the Rio Grande River to prepare authentic Jamaican recipes.


2:00 PM

Who's Cooking with Florence HendersonChristopher Knight

Christopher Knight cooks his famous pork chops and apple chutney with Florence Henderson. Chef Govind Armstrong provides an alternative to Knight's hearty dish.


2:30 PM

Who's Cooking with Florence HendersonFran Drescher

Fran Drescher cooks her delicious black bean burger with Florence Henderson. Meals on Wheels Chef Sonny Sonnhalter provides an alternative to Drescher's southwestern snack.


3:00 PM

Growing Bolder Bolder Ever After

Believing in yourself -- and that you deserve a happy future -- is not always easy. But if you commit to Growing Bolder, you'll not only find your best life, you'll inspire everyone around you.



3:30 PM

Growing BolderChanged by the Beatles

He may be the Beatles' biggest fan -- see how the Fab Four changed one man's career. Plus, the double arm amputee making Ironman history, on this episode of Growing Bolder.

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