Sunday, Feb 14, 2016

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3:00 PM

RLTV MoviesLast Time I Saw Paris

Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson - After an absence of two years, Charles Wills returns to his favorite bar in Paris and reminisces about his love affair with Helen Ellswirth at the end of World War II.


5:30 PM

RLTV MoviesDisappearance of Flight 412

Glenn Ford; Bradford Millman; David Soul; Robert F Lyons - Colonel Pete Moore commander of Flight 412 investigates 2 jet fighter planes that mysteriously disappeared.


7:00 PM

Stanley On the GoSt. Petersburg, Russia

We visit famous Hermitage Art Museum; ride the canals of St. Petrsburg, which remind you of Venice; go to a World War II battlefield to learn about the siege of Leningrad; tour Catherine's Palace and watch the Boris Effman Ballet Troupe in rehersal.


7:30 PM

Stanley On the GoMacau - China's Las Vegas

Stanley tours the Las Vegas of China by gambling at the MGM Grand, visiting the historic Portuguese section, and eating Chinese food in 'the greatest Chinese restaurant in the world.'

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