Sunday, Feb 19, 2017

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9:30 PM

Outlaw In-LawsThe House of Rock

Francis and Diane are worried sick that their duaghter Laura is being ignored by her rocker husband Jay. The couple pride themselves on having a modern, independent marriage. Jay just wants his in-laws off his back. Can Ellie get these in-laws in harmony, and singing from the same songbook?


10:00 PM

RLTV DocumentariesGod: The Almighty Question


11:30 PM

Second ActDesigning Duo

A woman decides to bring her new husband into her interior design business but faces challenges when working styles clash. With a big showcase coming up, can they work together to impress an important client?


12:00 AM

Second ActPassion for Fashion

A woman works to follow her dream of starting her own clothing line, but can she overcome her husband's financial reluctance? Paul DiMeo and the Second Act team are there to help make it work.


12:30 AM

Second ActArt with a Heart

Randi Pupkin ditches her successful law practice so she can take art to communities in need. Now, she's risking it all on a new retail space. Can she raise enough money at the grand opening - and win over her skeptical mother? Paul DeMeo and his team are here to help.


1:00 AM

Stanley On the GoPostcards From Egypt

We see the pyramids and the Sphinx in Giza, go to a graveyard which is also the home of Cairo's poor, we eat at a falafel stand, sail the Nile and see a belly dancer show on a boat in the Nile at night.

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