Sunday, Nov 29, 2015

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3:00 PM

RLTV MoviesLast Time I Saw Paris

Elizabeth Taylor, Van Johnson - After an absence of two years, Charles Wills returns to his favorite bar in Paris and reminisces about his love affair with Helen Ellswirth at the end of World War II.


5:30 PM

RLTV MoviesDisappearance of Flight 412

Glenn Ford; Bradford Millman; David Soul; Robert F Lyons - Colonel Pete Moore commander of Flight 412 investigates 2 jet fighter planes that mysteriously disappeared.


7:00 PM

Stanley On the GoAustralia

We climb the Sydney Harbor Bridge, tour the Sydney fish market, go to a wildlife refuge full of kangaroos and koala bears; go to the seashore, take a ferry around Sydney Harbor and then ride the Ghan through the continet from the north to the south.


7:30 PM

Stanley On the GoPamplona

We run into the bull ring along with thousands of others, watch the opening ceremony, visit the mother of all parties and talk to people from around the world.


8:00 PM

Taste of HistoryBreeding 18th Century Animals

Modern farming techniques have plumped animals up but an effort is underway at Colonial Williamsburg to get back to original breeds. In this episode, Chef Staib cooks at Harriton House, preparing Beef Barley Soup, Pork Ragoƻt and Sally Lunn Dumplings.

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