Saturday, Jul 30, 2016

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9:00 AM

Money Matters with Jean ChatzkyBest Of - Smart Spending

Effective financial habits that can help you thrive in retirement. How to 'fly high' with great deals on traveling. In this episode, Jean has pulled together these tips and more from this season's highlights on how to be a smart spender.


10:00 AM

BookmarkDelia Ephron & Jacques Pepin

Host Daryn Kagan talks with Delia Ephron (The Lion Is In) and Jacques Pepin (New Complete Techniques). Film critic Jeffery Lyons compares Salmon Fishing in the Yemen and To Kill a Mockingbird books and movies. Tricia Springer explores book collecting.


11:00 AM

Stanley On the GoIstanbul

Stanley marvels at the Blue Mosque towering about Sultan Ahmet Square with its six beautiful Minarets; then he goes to a steam bath, flirts with a belly dancer, 'crashes' a TV show, and flies in a hot air balloon.


11:30 AM

Grannies on SafariCuba: The Colors of Cuba

The Grannies explore Cuba in a unique “people to people” tour of the island. They attend a private jam session with one of the original Buena Vista Social Club musicians, learn to cook traditional black bean soup and try their hand at making a classic “Cuban Mojito” at the historic Hotel Nacional De Cuba.


12:00 PM

Second ActIcing on the Cake

With the kids grown, a woman decides to follow her dream of opening a bakery. Watch as the Second Act team led by Paul DiMeo helps her launch a cupcake truck and work to sell 1000 cupcakes in her make or break moment.


12:30 PM


Chef Staib teaches you how nuts can punch power to your diet. Learn how to add these tasty morsels to a main dish or a salad. Follow along as Chef cracks the code to easy healthy eating with a little help from quality kernels.


1:00 PM

Taste of HistorySurgery and Soda Pop

Dr. Philip Syng Physick is considered the father of American surgery but also came up with the idea of soda pop! Chef Staib prepares Smoked Brook Trout on Potato Pancakes, Coq au Vin, and Brussel Sprouts in honor of the Doctor.

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