Sunday, Feb 14, 2016

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5:30 AM

The Gem Shopping NetworkFine Jewelry Boutique with Wes


6:00 AM

Cash Call with Jean ChatzkyYour Money and Your Brain

Why do smart people do stupid things with their money? It turns out your brain is to blame. In “Your Money and Your Brain,” Jean Chatzky examines why our brains make it easy to spend money and harder to save. Dr. Frank Murtha joins the discussion.


6:30 AM

Cash Call with Jean ChatzkyMaking Your Money Last

In 'Making Your Money Last,' Jean Chatzky confronts the number one fear for the Boomer generation: having enough money in retirement. Are you saving enough? Jean provides tips to help you get on track; economist David Kelly joins the discussion.


7:00 AM

Danger ZoneInside Guantanamo/CIA's Bag of Secret Tricks

A look inside Guantanamo. How are prisoners treated and what's its like on the inside of the wire? We have the story from an army major that served there. And the real Q of James Bond movies. Inside the CIA's bag of secret tricks.


7:30 AM

Danger ZoneSetting Up by the Mob/Taiwanese General Commits Treason

Undercover FBI agent set up by the mob and indicted as a murderer proves his innocence and reveals how he was framed for a crime he did not commit. And treason at the highest level. The story of a Taiwanese General who sold out his country.


8:00 AM

Growing BolderGet Flexible With the Fountain of Youth

From yoga masters to art as therapy, changing your view can change your life.


8:30 AM

Fraud Squad TVCemetery Scam

This episode uncovers the horrifying story of a funeral home involved with selling recycled graves. Join us as we take you through a fraud scheme that exploited and desecrated the final resting place of these victim's loved ones.

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