Monday, Sep 22, 2014

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10:00 AM

AARP My GenerationNo Boundaries

Take to the floor with the Queen of Swing, who's been jumpin' and jivin' over barriers for decades; Meet a female umpire who is calling all the right shots; Fall in with an army-style boot camp for cancer victims and survivors.


10:30 AM

AARP My GenerationFollow Your Dreams

Bestselling author Nora Roberts is doing what she loves; ever thought about selling your stuff and hitting the road, one couple did just that; then take flight on an unforgettable hot air balloon ride, and what do cops and teddy bears have in common?


11:00 AM

Growing BolderPass on Your Passion for Learning

Great granny goes hang gliding! Plus, passing on the passion for learning, for kids and kids at heart on this episode of Growing Bolder.


11:30 AM

Growing BolderThink Twice About Growing Bolder

Growing Bolder and growing bendier with an incredible gymnast who will make you think twice about what 80 looks like. Plus, how to live big when your budget is small, on this episode of Growing Bolder.


12:00 PM

HealthlineHip Replacement

Science has made incredible strides with hip replacements; Dr. Soden examines what's involved in a hip replacement and who should consider one; advances have reduced recovery times so it's possible to be up and ready for action in almost no time.


12:30 PM

HealthlineThe Athlete's Foot

Healthline explores Athlete's foot and common foot problems associated with physical activity.


1:00 PM

Taste of HistoryWashington's Crossing Pepperpot Soup

In preparation for the Christmas night surprise attack in 1776 Washington ordered one of the troops favorite meals, Pepperpot Soup with Cornbread. Chef Staib makes this West-Indies influenced dish again, right at that same spot along the Delaware.


1:30 PM

Taste of HistoryRoot Cellars

Wild geese were plentiful in 18th Century America and were prized both for their meat and their layer of fat. Chef Staib prepares a typical winter meal of Goose with Turnips, along with Crab Cake with Herb Remoulade.

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