Thursday, May 5, 2016

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6:00 PM

Fraud Squad TVIllness & Disaster Frauds

Society's altruism can be easily affirmed through the donations given to charities in times of need. However, there are individuals out there who want to exploit these good-natured donations and re-direct them into their own pockets.


6:30 PM

Fraud Squad TVInternational Lotto Scam

A group of fraudsters ran an international lotto scheme that stretched all over the globe and lasted over twenty years, with the son taking over his father's scheme. Watch how the secret service brought this group to justice.


7:00 PM

Stanley On the GoPamplona

We run into the bull ring along with thousands of others, watch the opening ceremony, visit the mother of all parties and talk to people from around the world.


7:30 PM

Stanley On the GoNicaragua

On this program, we visit Masaya, the country's largest volcano; we travel to Solentiname Island, an archipelago of 36 untouched islands, and visit with painters and fisherman. We hack our way through a coffee plantation and cruise Lake Nicaragua.


8:00 PM

Fraud Squad TVSenior Fraud

Seniors are often preyed upon by fraudsters, what's even more shocking is that these crimes frequently come at the hands of someone they know and trust. Victims share how their retirement savings were plundered by their loved ones.


8:30 PM

Fraud Squad TVThe Original Ponzi Scheme

In the early 20th century a man scammed people out of their savings through an elaborate plan now known as a Ponzi scheme. This scheme is still used today, and in this episode you will find out the inner workings of how a Ponzi scheme works.


9:00 PM

RLTV SpecialRV Style

Art of Living meets adventurous retirees living full-time on the road who gather at the annual Quartzite RV Convention.

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