About the Show

Danger Zone is a dynamic series that gives RLTV viewers new insight into terrorism, foreign policy, democratic movements and the workings of intelligence agencies around the world. The program lifts the veil on the world of espionage and the covert missions behind many of today’s news events. Take an insider’s view on the latest news headlines, and learn who the U.S. needs to be looking out for -- and who our allies and enemies really are.


About the hosts

Richard Carlson

Richard Carlson is Vice Chairman of the Foundation for Defense of Democracies, a policy institute focusing on terrorism. He has experience in journalism and diplomacy and is a former United States Ambassador.



Col. Bill Cowan

Col. Bill Cowan is a retired Marine Officer and a Naval Academy grad. He spent three and a half years in combat in Vietnam, much of it in dangerous ambushes. He lived in a hooch in the Rung Sat, the huge mangrove swamp through which the Long Tau river wends for 40 miles to Saigon.


Dr. Renee Garfinkel

Dr. Renee Garfinkel is in the Danger Zone bunker every week as our battlefield psychologist. Dr. Garfinkel is affiliated with the Institute for Crisis, Disaster and Risk Management at George Washington University.