Missing Delivery

Sandy and Chuck deal with a missing delivery truck, and Marian has a surprise for how to update the restaurant.

About the show

Family Pickle is the new intergenerational family reality series that’s as fast and frenetic as the Big Apple itself. Marian and Sandy Levine are a boisterous boomer couple running the world-famous Carnegie Deli on the corner of 55th and 7th. Marian inherited the delicatessen dynasty her late father built, and her husband Sandy then took the reins of this Manhattan institution. Thankfully, Marian and Sandy are made for each other, matched in bluster and drive, not to mention decibel levels. Now they’re peddling pickles and slinging sandwiches, all the while dealing with two adult children who challenge their choices… and can’t be fired. The first family of New York’s Carnegie Deli is trying to keep a tradition alive with equal parts love, laughter and loudness. Deliriously satisfying, furiously funny and as overstuffed as one of their signature sandwiches, Family Pickle is addictive television.


About the cast

Sandy Levine

Born in New York, Sandy Levine embodies the city itself in all its unstoppable energy, good-natured humor, and boisterous noise level. For the last 20 years he has been running the Carnegie Deli with the highest credentials you can get: an MBD degree (Married the Boss’s Daughter).


Marian Levine

Born in Manhattan into a dynasty of corned beef and coleslaw, Marian Levine was raised among the pickles and latkes of the Carnegie Deli on the corner of 55th and 7th in midtown Manhattan, one of the most famous restaurants in the world.



Sarri Harper

Born into the Carnegie Deli dynasty, Sarri Harper is Marian’s daughter from her previous marriage. As the third generation in the lineage of brisket and cheesecake, Sarri has probably spent more time in the bustling restaurant on 55th and 7th than she has at home, working for her grandfather, the founder.


Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith hails from Old Bridge, N.J. He studied Criminal Justice at college, but after he married Sandy Levine’s daughter, his fate took a different turn: marrying into the Carnegie Deli family is marrying into the Carnegie Deli.