Chuck Smith

Chuck Smith hails from Old Bridge, N.J. He studied Criminal Justice at college (which you’d think would serve him well given the furious arguments that erupt daily at the Carnegie), but after he married Sandy Levine’s daughter, his fate took a different turn: marrying into the Carnegie Deli family is marrying into the Carnegie Deli. Chuck is working hard to become Sandy’s choice for heir apparent to run the business, which is not only a New York City landmark, but is spreading out across the nation, with new outposts in Las Vegas, Pennsylvania, Connecticut, and his home state of New Jersey. Chuck is sometimes a pawn in the passionate clash of wills between his father-in-law and Marian, who has a very different plan for the legacy of the 75-year-old restaurant: hoping her own daughter, Sarri, will step up. Caught in the middle of a manic generational battleground—not to mention a battle of the sexes—Chuck is as easygoing as his in-laws are frantic. But he’s no pushover. With a wry sense of humor, he is skilled at making Sandy the butt of his practical jokes.


Chuck’s official role at the Carnegie Deli is Manager, though he is often bombarded by the conflicting demands barked at him from all sides. By turns his father-in-law’s foil, ally, and antagonist, Chuck works hard to keep the business running and earn Sandy’s trust and confidence in his abilities, but equally hard not to incur his ire.


Chuck is an avid Yankees fan, and his favorite food at the Carnegie Deli is the “Woody Allen,” which was made famous by the movie “Broadway Danny Rose”: a full pound of pastrami and corned beef, and a little bread just to top it off.