Sandy Levine

Born in New York, Sandy Levine embodies the city itself in all its unstoppable energy, warm, good-natured humor, and boisterous noise level. For the last 20 years he has been running the Carnegie Deli with the highest credentials you can get: an MBD degree (Married the Boss’s Daughter). He has not only found his soul mate in Marian -- he’s also met his match. She’s just as feisty as he is and a worthy sparring partner; theirs is a love as loud as Times Square on New Year’s Eve, and as big as a Carnegie Deli cream-cheese blintz. Part stand-up comic and part drill sergeant, Sandy oversees a famous brand that caters to customers from all over the world. And he takes it personally; whether he’s organizing the Annual Pickle Eating Contest, or trying to find a missing pastrami truck; going head to head with celebrity chef Emeril, or resisting his step-daughter Sarri’s ideas to bring the deli into the digital age. He has no off-switch. Sandy lives, loves, and eats his work. Though at times gleefully abrasive, he is equally steadfast in his affection for his family… and the Deli