Sarri Harper

Born into the Carnegie Deli dynasty, Sarri Harper is Marian’s daughter from her previous marriage. As the third generation in the lineage of brisket and cheesecake, Sarri has probably spent more time in the bustling restaurant on 55th and 7th than she has at home, working for her grandfather, the founder. She majored in public relations in college, with the mission to one day apply her skills to take the family business to the next level. But it’s never that easy: doing PR for the Carnegie family business is like doing PR in the eye of a hurricane while standing on the lip of a volcano. Through it all, Sarri manages to stay sweetly sane and keep her great sense of humor.


A card-carrying member of the tweeting and iPad generation, Sarri is in charge of the social-media marketing for the deli. She’s made it her mission to haul the business—and Sandy, by whatever force necessary—into the 21st century.


Sarri is efficient and organized in her work updating the menu, keeping accurate records online as well as planning events for the deli. Her struggles to update the menu and get it online, all the while managing Sandy’s expectations, are nothing less than epic. Admittedly coddled by her mother, she is often drawn into Marian’s battle of the sexes with her husband—and Sarri’s boss. It’s a family business, and a family unlike anything you’ve ever seen before. As Sarri says, “People say exactly what’s on their minds. We know we’re not going to get fired.”


When she can get the time, Sarri loves to pamper herself at the spa or go shopping and is also one of NYC’s eligible bachelorettes. She also loves walking her beloved Yorkie, Ruby. Her fondest memory of her time at the Carnegie is when Dr. Phil came in to shoot an episode of his show. Now, she’s got her own show.