About the show

“A fool and his money are soon parted.” That may have been true centuries ago, but today everyone from a retired grandmother to a hotshot CEO is in danger of getting ripped off. Fraud Squad is the great equalizer. Enlightening viewers on how to spot and avoid scams, this investigative series examines various types of fraud including telemarketing and home improvement scams, identity theft, pyramid schemes, mortgage cons, insurance swindles and charity rip-offs. Hosted by Tom Hnatiw and Lea Thompson, former Chief Consumer Correspondent for Dateline, Fraud Squad profiles both the swindlers and their unsuspecting victims, all the while educating viewers on how to stay a step ahead of the game.

About the Hosts

Craig Hannaford

Craig Hannaford is an internationally renowned fraud prevention investigator, educator, and commentator. He spent over two decades in law enforcement investigating just about every type of fraud imaginable. His investigations have exposed mortgage frauds, Ponzi schemes, advance-fee scams, bogus charities, telemarketing cons, and frauds targeting seniors. He has conducted fraud investigations in several countries and has helped to put many fraudsters in jail. Over the years, Hannaford has worked closely with law enforcement agencies such as the FBI, the United States Postal Inspection Service, European police agencies and Interpol. He has even organized sting operations to catch fraudsters in the act. Hannaford is a professional accountant as well as holding a university degree in computer science. He lectures widely to citizens’ groups and professional organizations on a regular basis and is sought after by the media for his comments on current frauds in the news. He has also written articles on fraud prevention for magazines and journals. Hannaford is proud of his role with Fraud Squad. He comments, “The best way to prevent fraud is to educate people on how not to become victims. That’s what Fraud Squad is all about.”