I never really watched the television series Dallas when it was on many years ago.  I’m a New Yorker!  But you can bet that I’ll be watching the new Dallas series when it comes on next year.  And that’s because during the filming of an episode of Good Food, Good Deeds I had the special privilege of meeting and preparing meals with actor Linda Gray.

By the end of the shoot, Linda and I realized that we were soul sisters.

That doesn’t happen every day.

I love television and movies, but since I began my quest to end senior hunger over twenty years ago, I have noticed that Hollywood doesn’t necessarily want to be associated with this issue.  Why?  Maybe because Hollywood is an age-defying place and our work here at the Meals On Wheels Association of America is age-defining.

Whatever the reason, I’m the first person to tell you that there is nothing wrong with aging.  I’m pro-aging.  We all do it.  Yes, even me.

So with my (mis)conceptions of celebrities in tow, I headed down to Meals On Wheels of Greater Richmond – one of the best programs in the country with a completely green kitchen – to videotape an episode of Good Food, Good Deeds with Linda.

In the episode, you will see that Linda was a stellar volunteer for the day as she was thrown into a bustling kitchen to cut vegetables, and handle unforeseen hurdles in delivering meals on time.

I may be speaking for her here, but while preparing and delivering healthy meals to seniors who otherwise would not have been able to eat that day, I think I saw Linda become a believer and recognize that we are indeed ending senior hunger.

Somewhere along the way, as we talked about how it is absolutely unacceptable that six million seniors are at risk of going hungry in one of the richest nation in the world, I think it became more than just an assignment for her.

That was a powerful thing to see and I’m grateful to have another friend, a sister in the cause.

Enid A. Borden is the President  & CEO of Meals On Wheels Association of America 

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