Good Food Good Deeds features some of our best-loved celebrities generously giving their time and—most importantly—giving freely of their hearts as they volunteer for the Meals On Wheels Association of America.  Linda Gray recently helped out in Richmond, Virginia and experienced the massive scope of the organization personally.  “They work hard to give these folks the kind of food they like, the kind they’re used to,” she says, “food that’s suited to them.”  Being in the south, Linda helped whip up a whopping, delicious heaping of turkey, dressing, and scrumptious sweet potato pie: comfort food, southern style!

It was wonderful to watch Linda hit the road with her driver, Ray, to take the meals to the hungry seniors who depend on them, and to see how important the delivery is: the comfort provided isn’t only in the food.  Meeting a terrific lady named Serena, it brought home to Linda how remarkable this organization is.  Serena had recently had a stroke, and was suddenly unable to drive by herself, or make her own meals.  Meals On Wheels allows people like Serena who’ve experienced a recent surgery or medical condition—as well as seniors who need assistance on a more permanent basis—to stay where they are, surrounded by things they know and people they love, in the security of the place that’s familiar, that’s comforting, and that’s home.

Linda saw firsthand how the volunteers are truly special people. They are not just kitchen employees, they are not just delivery people; they take special care with every senior, from preparing food that their clientsrs like to taking the time to know and share their personal stories.  This is what makes Meals On Wheels a lifeline beyond just nutrition.  For a lot of these seniors, the delivery drivers are the only people they see on a regular, daily basis: a friendly face with a kind word, not to mention being someone who is there to make sure they’re healthy and safe.

Before they left, Linda found out that both Ray the driver and Serena are widowers, and tried her hand at a little matchmaking!  Not sure yet how that turned out, but talk about customer service!

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