In a large bowl, combine a cutting-edge cable network that is Redefining Life after 50 with a determined vision to end senior hunger by 2020.  Now add two heaping tablespoons of support from a corporate foundation committed to enhancing the health and well-being of people around the world.

What do you get?

The recipe for a great new television show on RLTV and an example of a wonderful partnership called – Good Food, Good Deeds.

The show’s title says it all. Good Food, Good Deeds hosted by well-known celebrities Florence Henderson and Joy Bauer, will bring you good, healthy recipes that you can make at home, and give you a glimpse of the good work that Meals On Wheels programs are doing across the nation to provide seniors in need with nutritious meals.  You might also enjoy following celebrity guests as they experience the ups and downs of volunteering to prepare and deliver meals for local programs.

Meals On Wheels Association of America (MOWAA) is so pleased to be part of this exciting new project and collaboration that brings attention to the over one million meals our programs provide each day, and what is said to be the largest volunteer army in the nation that makes it all happen.

Good Food, Good Deeds would not have been possible without RLTV’s vision and the Merck Foundation stepping up to the plate (no pun intended) with generous support as our first sponsor.

We never imagined that one day we would have our own television show. But that time has come.  Every morning I imagine a day when no senior in our country goes hungry.  With great partners like RLTV and the Merck Foundation, and your support of Meals On Wheels Association of America and Good Food, Good Deeds, that day might not be so far away.

Enid A. Borden is the President  & CEO of Meals On Wheels Association of America 

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