Home Again with Bob Vila

Bob Vila shows you the tips and tricks of home renovation.

About the Show

For over ten years as America’s favorite home improvement expert on public television, Bob Vila has brought professional, cost-conscious, and often entertaining advice to do-it-yourselfers. Now with his own nationally-syndicated show on commercial television, Bob Vila’s Home Again, Bob tackles a wide variety of projects around the nation, always with an eagle eye on the budget.


About the Host

Bob Vila

Bob Vila has spent his career helping people upgrade their homes and improve their lives. You probably him from TV, where for nearly 30 years he hosted a variety of shows—This Old House, Bob Vila’s Home Again, Bob Vila, and Restore America with Bob Vila. Before his life in broadcasting, Bob launched his own residential remodeling and design business. Earlier still, he served as a Peace Corps volunteer, building houses and communities in Panama. The author of at least a dozen books about remodeling your home, buying your dream home, and visiting historic homes across america, it's fair to say building, especially homes, are Bob Vila's life work.

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