AARP’s Movies for Grownups specializes in finding great movies that speak especially to the 50+ audience.

Join AARP’s entertainment editor Bill Newcott as he hosts Movies for Grownups Presents each Friday night on RLTV.  Each week Bill will share with our viewers his picks for new releases in the theaters, DVD and VOD. 

Bill then sets the stage and introduces the night’s featured movie – one he personally selected for the series.  Throughout the movie, Bill will join in with interesting notes and fun facts related to the film.

Movies for Grownups is, more than ever, America’s trusted guide to movies that mean something; movies that deliver the stars, the stories…the experience.

Featured movies include:


Bill Newcott, author of "Movies For Grownups," has spent more time in darkened rooms than most people, and that's a good thing when you love the movies as much as he does. He's been writing about cinema for 30 years, first as a film critic in New York and Los Angeles, and later as an editor with The National Enquirer and National Geographic Magazine. Bill is now the Entertainment editor for AARP The Magazine, where he created the annual Chaise d'Or (Golden Chair) awards for Movies for Grownups.

Movies for Grownups Blog

‘Saint’ Roger Moore Steals the Weekend
See California drop into the ocean this weekend if you must, but save some time to revisit two old friends on home video: Roger Moore starring as The Saint and Orson Welles in his greatest role: himself.   Aloha Writer-director Cameron Crowe (Say Anything, Jerry Maguire) and a stellar cast (Bradley Cooper, Emma Stone, Bill Murray, John Krasinski) went to Hawaii, and all they brought back for us was this lousy movie. Cooper plays a military contractor who travels to …
Memorial Weekend: Mom Hits the Beach, Chaplin Hits the Boards
Helen Hunt’s wild ride on a surfboard trumps Disney’s thrill ride to the future in theaters this weekend. At home, Clint Eastwood’s on-target portrait of an American hero makes perfect Memorial Day viewing.   Tomorrowland As director, Brad Bird gives us a dazzling glimpse of an idealized future city. As co-writer, though, he leaves us somewhere this side of Utopia with a muddled plot about a mismatched pair—grizzled, cantankerous George Clooney and perky, ever-optimistic Britt Robertson—trying to stave off the end of …
Exclusive Video: Blythe Danner and Sam Elliott’s ‘Dreams’
  The new movie I’ll See You in My Dreams stars Blythe Danner and Sam Elliott as a couple who are thrilled when they discover late-life love. In this exclusive video, the two actors—along with the rest of the all-star cast—reveal that they were equally delighted in real life to find a film with a uniquely modern view of romance among people who are 50-plus.
Audience Learns ‘5 Flights Up’ Back Story at Film Fest
Jill Ciment had one goal in mind when she wrote the novel on which the new movie 5 Flights Up is based. “I wanted to write a story about a happy marriage,” Ciment told AARP’s Meg Grant after a screening of 5 Flights Up at the Movies for Grownups Film Festival in Miami. Ciment’s 2009 novel, Heroic Measures, became a bestseller when it was chosen by Oprah’s Book Club. Little did she know it would become an ideal movie for grownup …
AARP Crowd Grooves to New Beach Boys Film
Bill Pohlad specializes in telling the stories of complex people. He produced 12 Years a Slave (2013), the story of a free black man kidnapped into slavery; Into the Wild (2007), the true story of a college student who chucked everything to live in remote Alaska; and The Tree of Life (2011), a study of a grown man trying to come to terms with the meaning of life. Pohlad’s newest movie, Love & Mercy, follows that pattern, bringing to the …
‘Caring for Mom and Dad’: A Movie With Answers
As 75 million boomers march steadily toward old age, a health care problem of monumental proportions awaits. That’s the staggering issue attacked in Caring for Mom and Dad, a new PBS documentary featured at AARP’s Movies for Grownups Film Festival in Miami this week. Sponsored by AARP and Pfizer, the film — now available for viewing online — introduces us to  people who are trying to balance their own lives and careers with caring for aging parents. While the stories are both sobering and inspiring, …