AARP’s Movies for Grownups specializes in finding great movies that speak especially to the 50+ audience.

Join AARP’s entertainment editor Bill Newcott as he hosts Movies for Grownups Presents each Friday night on RLTV.  Each week Bill will share with our viewers his picks for new releases in the theaters, DVD and VOD. 

Bill then sets the stage and introduces the night’s featured movie – one he personally selected for the series.  Throughout the movie, Bill will join in with interesting notes and fun facts related to the film.

Movies for Grownups is, more than ever, America’s trusted guide to movies that mean something; movies that deliver the stars, the stories…the experience.

Featured movies include:


Bill Newcott, author of "Movies For Grownups," has spent more time in darkened rooms than most people, and that's a good thing when you love the movies as much as he does. He's been writing about cinema for 30 years, first as a film critic in New York and Los Angeles, and later as an editor with The National Enquirer and National Geographic Magazine. Bill is now the Entertainment editor for AARP The Magazine, where he created the annual Chaise d'Or (Golden Chair) awards for Movies for Grownups.

Movies for Grownups Blog

This Weekend: Middle-Age Blues & Love the French Way
A quirky look at intergenerational relations, a warm comedy about a hot affair, and a misguided buddy pic arrive in theaters this weekend.   While We’re Young A middle-aged documentary maker (Ben Stiller) and his wife (Naomi Watts) add some spark to their humdrum lives when they befriend a couple nearly half their age (Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried). But this is the movies, people, so their newfound hipster lifestyle begins to sour as ulterior motives surface. Writer-director Noah Baumbach, whose The …
Exclusive! Sneak Peek at Emma Thompson’s Newest
  Dakota Fanning stars as the teen bride of middle-aged Victorian artist and critic John Ruskin — an eccentric genius who refused to consummate their marriage — in the new historical drama Effie Gray, written by and costarring Oscar winner Emma Thompson. In this exclusive Movies for Grownups clip from the film, opening April 3, Effie (Fanning) receives some spectacularly unhelpful marriage tips from her new mother-in-law (Julie Walters). Enter the Family Fun Travel Sweepstakes. No purchase necessary. See official rules. …
‘Danny Collins’ Dodges Bullets This Weekend
A great performance by Al Pacino dominates a movie weekend that is otherwise punctuated by persistent gunfire and numerous civilian casualties. Danny Collins Al Pacino triumphs in this joyful story of a legendary pop-music star who faces a late-midlife crisis when he discovers that, way back in 1971, John Lennon had written him a letter urging him not to sell out as an artist. The warning comes 40 years too late, but no matter: Danny Collins quits his latest sold-out …
Al Pacino, Happy? A Friend Tells Us Why
Why is this man smiling? The famously intense Al Pacino was visibly relaxed when he sat down with us last fall for a screening of his acclaimed film, The Humbling. And he is clearly having the time of his life playing a veteran pop star in his new film, Danny Collins. Dan Fogelman, the writer-director of Danny Collins, stopped by our studios the other day and gave us his take on why the Oscar-winning star threatens to become Mellow Man. …
Showin’ of the Green: 10 Movies for St. Patrick’s Day
Some 45 million Americans identify themselves as Irish — odd, considering that only six million people live on the whole of Erin’s Isle — but it may help explain why so many classic movies have an Irish focus. These days, an awful lot of those movies seem obsessed with the dark side of Ireland, its history of famine and religious strife. But faith and begorrah, it’s St. Paddy’s Day, time to celebrate the beauty of the land and the resilient, …
Cinderella: This Weekend’s Shoe-In
Two new movies feature characters whose lives change when they try on mysterious shoes. A third film treads a well-worn path to mediocrity.     Cinderella Disney has been translating its animated classics into live-action epics for years, with mixed success. This effort, directed by Kenneth Branagh, is the best update yet. About a Boy screenwriter Chris Weitz has kept the most charming elements of Disney’s 1950s damsel-in-distress scenario and transformed the central character into a strong-willed young woman determined …