AARP’s Movies for Grownups specializes in finding great movies that speak especially to the 50+ audience.

Join AARP’s entertainment editor Bill Newcott as he hosts Movies for Grownups Presents each Friday night on RLTV.  Each week Bill will share with our viewers his picks for new releases in the theaters, DVD and VOD. 

Bill then sets the stage and introduces the night’s featured movie – one he personally selected for the series.  Throughout the movie, Bill will join in with interesting notes and fun facts related to the film.

Movies for Grownups is, more than ever, America’s trusted guide to movies that mean something; movies that deliver the stars, the stories…the experience.

Featured movies include:


Bill Newcott, author of "Movies For Grownups," has spent more time in darkened rooms than most people, and that's a good thing when you love the movies as much as he does. He's been writing about cinema for 30 years, first as a film critic in New York and Los Angeles, and later as an editor with The National Enquirer and National Geographic Magazine. Bill is now the Entertainment editor for AARP The Magazine, where he created the annual Chaise d'Or (Golden Chair) awards for Movies for Grownups.

Movies for Grownups Blog

Exclusive: Pacino and Bening Spar in “Danny Collins”
  Al Pacino is a legendary rock star. Annette Bening is a hotel manager who gives him the brush-off. The two have a friendly — but decidedly rocky — first meeting in this exclusive clip from their new movie Danny Collins, opening March 20. Pacino plays the title character, who’s been living off the glory (and royalties) of his greatest hits for decades. But then a collector finds a letter written to Danny by John Lennon in 1971 — a …
Who Will Win Oscars — and Who Really Should
Still on the fence about who should win Oscars this Sunday night? Here’s a little grownup guidance. Best actress: Not even close. Our own Movies for Grownups best actress winner, Julianne Moore, gave the performance of a lifetime as a woman with early-onset Alzheimer’s in Still Alice. Reese Witherspoon will get some sentimental votes for going gritty in Wild, but Oscar voters will issue “see-you-next-time” condolences to youngsters Marion Cotillard (Two Days, One Night), Felicity Jones (The Theory of Everything) and …
Gary Owens: The Voice of ‘Laugh-In’ Signs Off
When longtime Laugh-In announcer Gary Owens died Feb. 13, one of the great voices of the past century was stilled. I was lucky enough to interview Gary in September 2009 about a new documentary featuring his friend Jonathan Winters. Instantly recognizable from his first “hello,” Gary took me on a roller coaster ride of rapid-fire anecdotes, drawing on his 60-some-odd years in show business. From hosting The Gong Show to buying a Quincy Jones album for 11-year-old Michael Jackson, it’s …
Shades of Grey or Gray Romance: Your Choice
Pick your Valentine’s Day poison: An edgy tale of sexual domination, a warm and fuzzy rom-com with the ever-charming Hugh Grant, or an explosion-packed secret-agent spectacle. Choose wisely; the ultimate outcome of your romantic dinner-and-a-movie date depends upon it.   50 Shades of Grey We’re not supposed to laugh out loud at a movie that features beautiful young people having kinky sex, right? Yet that’s precisely what happens almost from the moment we’re introduced to billionaire bondage boy Christian Grey …
Coming to a Screen Near You: The MFG Awards Gala
For the first time, AARP’s Movies for Grownups Awards Gala is coming to national TV. The star-studded broadcast to air later this month will feature all the excitement of the red carpet, as well as highlights from the awards podium. Kevin Costner, Rene Russo, Jeremy Irons and Octavia Spencer were just some of the stars who dazzled on the red carpet in Beverly Hills at the Feb. 2 event. Other glitterati who attended the gala made up a parade of current …
Starry Night: the Movies for Grownups Awards
“We are still the boomers — not old dogs!” Kevin Costner declared to a standing ovation, accepting his Movies for Grownups career achievement award Monday night. “We still have a chance to go out with a bang. There’s still time. I don’t know how much, but there’s still time!” Costner’s call to arms, in which he urged boomers to recapture the passion for social reform that defined their youth, was the stirring finale to the 14th annual Movies for Grownups Awards, …