AARP’s Movies for Grownups specializes in finding great movies that speak especially to the 50+ audience.

Join AARP’s entertainment editor Bill Newcott as he hosts Movies for Grownups Presents each Friday night on RLTV.  Each week Bill will share with our viewers his picks for new releases in the theaters, DVD and VOD. 

Bill then sets the stage and introduces the night’s featured movie – one he personally selected for the series.  Throughout the movie, Bill will join in with interesting notes and fun facts related to the film.

Movies for Grownups is, more than ever, America’s trusted guide to movies that mean something; movies that deliver the stars, the stories…the experience.

Featured movies include:


Bill Newcott, author of "Movies For Grownups," has spent more time in darkened rooms than most people, and that's a good thing when you love the movies as much as he does. He's been writing about cinema for 30 years, first as a film critic in New York and Los Angeles, and later as an editor with The National Enquirer and National Geographic Magazine. Bill is now the Entertainment editor for AARP The Magazine, where he created the annual Chaise d'Or (Golden Chair) awards for Movies for Grownups.

Movies for Grownups Blog

Can You Name These Classic Movie Goodbyes?
As the “Movies for Grownups” Radio Show signs off after 12 years, here’s our farewell mashup of unforgettable celluloid so-longs. Enter the $50K Picture Your Retirement Sweepstakes. See Official Rules. » Also of Interest: Movie Reviews: ‘Pixel’ is game over. ‘Southpaw’ surprises 9 Symptoms You Should Never Ignore Quiz: Do you know how to prepare for a disaster? Join AARP: Savings, resources and news for your well-being   See the AARP home page for deals, savings tips, trivia and more.
‘Pixels’: Game Over
Slim pickin’s in theaters this weekend; if rain forces you into a multiplex, choose something from our “Still Out There” list, below. Southpaw Southpaw yearns to be On the Waterfront or Raging Bull, but it’s not even a contenduh. Jake Gyllenhaal transforms himself to play Billy “The Great” Hope, but his scarred muscle mass and punch-drunken slurring can’t excuse the predictable script and derivative characters.   Pixels When 1980s video-game characters try to destroy the world, only a team of middle-age former gamers …
Woody, Sherlock, or Ant-Man? The Choice Is Elementary
Woody Allen lets us down, but Ian McKellen and Paul Rudd pick us up as two very different heroes. At home, the second Marigold Hotel entry checks in with its appealing cast…and a classic of world cinema gets a pristine new release.  Designates a Movies for Grownups Critic’s Choice   Irrational Man At the stage where he’s equally likely to produce a modern classic (Midnight in Paris) or a forgettable trifle (Magic in the Moonlight), we never know which Woody Allen will …
The Last Film of Robin Williams (and Ronald Reagan, Too)
Robin Williams left several movies on the shelf when he died last year, and his final dramatic performance highlights this weekend’s theatrical films. At home, catch Helen Mirren tracking down art stolen by Nazis, Kevin Spacey as a U.S. President and Ronald Reagan before he became one.    Designates a Movies for Grownups Critic’s Choice   Boulevard In his final screen role Robin Williams plays a banker, long married to a devoted wife (Kathy Baker), who represses his true sexuality his …
When Judi Dench & Co. Revisited ‘Marigold Hotel’
As The Second Best Exotic Marigold Hotel comes to DVD and Blu-ray, you’d think making a sequel to the smash 2011 original must have been a foregone conclusion. Not so. In fact, back in 2011 it seemed especially unlikely to director John Madden and his all-star cast as they struggled to film the last scene of The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel. Everyone was gathered in a sun-bleached hotel courtyard that offered nothing but difficult camera angles and tough lighting challenges. One …
Arnold’s Back — and So Is Jack Nicholson
Arnold Schwarzenegger is back in theaters in full-on android mode, but your best bets this weekend may be three fine films on home video — two from this year, the other a golden oldie.  Signifies a Movies for Grownups Critic’s Pick   Terminator Genisys When Arnold Schwarzenegger said “I’ll be back!” in The Terminator in 1984, no one thought he meant, “in 31 years or so!” Yet here Der Groovenator is again, trying to prove he’s not obsolete while battling a new …