AARP’s Movies for Grownups specializes in finding great movies that speak especially to the 50+ audience.

Join AARP’s entertainment editor Bill Newcott as he hosts Movies for Grownups Presents each Friday night on RLTV.  Each week Bill will share with our viewers his picks for new releases in the theaters, DVD and VOD. 

Bill then sets the stage and introduces the night’s featured movie – one he personally selected for the series.  Throughout the movie, Bill will join in with interesting notes and fun facts related to the film.

Movies for Grownups is, more than ever, America’s trusted guide to movies that mean something; movies that deliver the stars, the stories…the experience.

Featured movies include:


Bill Newcott, author of "Movies For Grownups," has spent more time in darkened rooms than most people, and that's a good thing when you love the movies as much as he does. He's been writing about cinema for 30 years, first as a film critic in New York and Los Angeles, and later as an editor with The National Enquirer and National Geographic Magazine. Bill is now the Entertainment editor for AARP The Magazine, where he created the annual Chaise d'Or (Golden Chair) awards for Movies for Grownups.

Movies for Grownups Blog

Nothing to See Here, Folks; Return to Your Homes!
Aside from one lighter-than-air romantic comedy that costars two appealing veteran actors in small roles, this might be an ideal weekend to stay home and catch one of the fine films coming to DVD, Blu-ray and Video on Demand (VOD).   Unfriended This thriller about teens stalked by an otherworldly evil unfolds entirely on a desktop computer screen. Hit “delete.”   5 to 7 Embedded in this disarming comedy about a young New York novelist (Star Trek’s Anton Yelchin) having …
Dancing, Riding & Catting Around This Weekend
This week’s new theatrical films will take you dancing in the desert or riding at the rodeo. Or you could just stay home and have the wits scared out of you by a seldom-seen 1934 thriller. Desert Dancer The central characters (a band of dancers trying to defy the Iranian government’s ban on their art) are plenty young and pretty. But their true story — of ordinary people who consider artistic expression essential to their being — is timeless. The …
Ricky Gervais: Here Comes Mr. Nice Guy
Ask someone to describe nine-time Emmy nominee Ricky Gervais and they might mention his scathing stints as a Golden Globe host, his take-no-prisoners standup comedy routines or his role as the clueless, often thoughtless boss on the original British version of The Office. Since 2013, though, Gervais — writer, director, star — has been showing a surprisingly tender side on his British sitcom Derek, where he plays a naïve 50-year-old man-child who works as an aide in a home for …
This Weekend @ The Movies: A Golden Girl, a Tortured Toon
Helen Mirren reigns onscreen this weekend. That’s the predictable play. If you’re in a more adventurous mood, check out a quirky new cartoon from the legendary Bill Plympton. Otherwise, the post-Oscar parade of big-screen blockbusters hitting home video continues apace. Woman in Gold Helen Mirren is the real golden girl in this true story of Maria Altmann, the woman who sued the Austrian government to recover a painting the Nazis stole from her family. Wide-eyed with exasperation and naïveté, Mirren’s …
This Weekend: Middle-Age Blues & Love the French Way
A quirky look at intergenerational relations, a warm comedy about a hot affair, and a misguided buddy pic arrive in theaters this weekend.   While We’re Young A middle-aged documentary maker (Ben Stiller) and his wife (Naomi Watts) add some spark to their humdrum lives when they befriend a couple nearly half their age (Adam Driver and Amanda Seyfried). But this is the movies, people, so their newfound hipster lifestyle begins to sour as ulterior motives surface. Writer-director Noah Baumbach, whose The …
Exclusive! Sneak Peek at Emma Thompson’s Newest
  Dakota Fanning stars as the teen bride of middle-aged Victorian artist and critic John Ruskin — an eccentric genius who refused to consummate their marriage — in the new historical drama Effie Gray, written by and costarring Oscar winner Emma Thompson. In this exclusive Movies for Grownups clip from the film, opening April 3, Effie (Fanning) receives some spectacularly unhelpful marriage tips from her new mother-in-law (Julie Walters). Enter the Family Fun Travel Sweepstakes. No purchase necessary. See official rules. …