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You can pick your friends, but not your family, and certainly not whom your kids marry. In-law issues are most often associated with “the difficult mother-in-law,” Outlaw In-Laws explores the reality that many family issues are just as likely be the result of difficult “kids-in-law.” In-laws come in many different forms but when the relationships deteriorate and conflict is the norm interventions are necessary. Outlaw In-Laws finds feuding families and brings in renowned relationship expert Ellie Tesher to get them back on track.

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Relative Nightmare

What happens when the in-laws become a "relative nightmare"?

About the Host

Ellie Tesher is a popular, internationally syndicated relationship advice columnist whose column ELLIE appears in newspapers across the US and Canada. Ellie’s advice is insightful, passionate, with a little bit of humor. She combines her life experience with solid research and her background in social work to inspire others to overcome their obstacles and differences for a happier life.

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