about the show

Taking Care is a groundbreaking and courageous four-part series examining the growing concerns over caregiving. RLTV knows that 80% of burden rests with the families: the series focuses as much on the caregivers as the care recipients. The show explores options and strategies, and provides resources and information to help this challenging lifestage.


About the Hosts

Joan Lunden

Joan Lunden is one of America's most recognized and trusted television personalities. As host of Good Morning America for almost two decades, she helped millions of American families start each day. Since her departure from Good Morning America, Lunden has hosted programs such as A&E’s Behind Closed Doors, The CW Emmy winning special America’s Invisible Children, Lifetimes’ Health Corner, DirecTV’s Hometown Heroes, and most recently RLTV’s Taking Care; but her passion for disseminating wellness information and inspiring women to take charge of their health, happiness, and busy lives has been at the forefront of many of Lunden's projects.

Dr. Alexis Abramson

Dr. Alexis addresses your concerns and answers all of your difficult questions with a wealth of articles offering advice and support - from practical information on outfitting a bathroom for safety to coping with caregiver burnout - Dr. Abramson personally responds to your emails, providing straightforward and sensitive strategies for dealing with the challenging situations that arise.