Multi-Position Bath Safety Bar

Our powerful bathtub and shower assist handles offer extra reassurance when you're getting into or out of the tub or shower. No tools required; no holes in walls. Strong suction cups secure these handles on the bathtub rim or shower wall and promote a good grip where there was none before. Simply press the handle in place and push down the gripping levers for a full "lockdown." Raise levers to remove or reposition the handles. Can be used at any angle.

This Multi-Position Bath Safety Bar is the latest in several versions we offer of this extremely useful item - and this one is the most versatile we've found yet. The swivel feature allows you to customize the grip positions to fit your own needs or the individual needs of two users. Safety Bars bring more confidence to a fearful bather. For many, just having that extra little bit of security makes tub baths possible again.* And could anything be easier to lock down and remove? We think not. And we also think you would love to get your hands on one of these right now. Measures 26" long. *Note: Not intended to support full body weight.

Nightlighter Flashlight

Light the way ahead and the path at your feet at the same time!

It looks like no other flashlight you've used - and it performs differently too. The Nightlighter is ingeniously designed with 2 distinct light sources: an LED spotlight that shines directly ahead AND an LED floodlight that illuminates the area at your feet. You can see where you're going, as well as where you're stepping. The forward-facing, narrow-angle beam uses 5 ultra-bright, 5mm white LEDs, and the downward-facing wide-angle beam uses 3 - and together these light sources enable you to feel safer while walking in the dark. There are multiple lighting options available with the flashlight's 3-way switch: the front light alone, both front and lower lights, and lower lights only.

The unique oval design and lightweight body make the Nightlighter well-balanced and easy to handle. Gripping a standard flashlight for a lengthy period of time can cause wrist fatigue, but not the Nightlighter. The contoured handle enables the user to hold the flashlight in a natural, comfortable position. Plus, with the on/off switch next to the thumb rest, turning the light off and on is easy, even for those wearing gloves or for those who have arthritis.

TV Ears® - Wireless Headphones for the TV

Do you struggle to hear the TV, or do family members complain the TV is too loud? Then perhaps TV Ears® 2, wireless headphones for the TV, is the solution you are looking for.

Doctor-recommended TV Ears® 2, wireless TV headphones, is a powerful new device that has helped thousands of people with mild or moderate hearing loss hear the television clearly without turning up the volume. Now you can listen to the television at your own level while others may adjust the volume to fit theirs.

With the new Television Audio Processing (TAP), TV Ears® 2 dramatically enhances not only regular dialogue, but also brings hard-to-hear voices and whispers above the program's background noises so they'll stand out. Boasting a maximum volume of 120dB -- almost three times that of other headsets -- TV Ears® 2 helps you hear every word clearly! In addition, there are adjustable volume and tone controls that allow you to customize the output to match your hearing needs.

TV Ears® 2 also boasts a new frequency that provides a clearer signal, and will also work with plasma TVs and fluorescent lighting! This means less interference when watching your favorite drama, comedy, or news program.

This new version of TV Ears® 2, wireless TV headphones, has been enhanced with new ear tips on the 2.3Mhz wireless headset that are made of self-forming foam that gently molds to the exact shape of your ear, providing greater comfort and enhanced sound quality. It also has a transmitter base that is capable of holding two headsets, and recharges a headset in just an hour.

Day Clock

This clock is unlike any traditional clock you have seen. It does not have one single number on its face, just the days of the week. This is a clock specifically designed for those who don't have to worry about punching in or out at work, who don't have to report for meetings at a specific time, who aren't tethered to a day planner and who need only remember which day they will be heading out to the golf course or the grandkids' house. Basically, this is a clock for those to whom "time" means "leisure time."

It's brilliantly simple in its concept and design. The face of the clock is divided into seven segments, each representing a day of the week. The line dividing each of the segments represents midnight, and the midway point of each day, noon, is represented by a small dash mark in the middle of each day. The "day hand" will make one full revolution every 168 hours, representing the passing of another week. This fun, devil-may-care clock is available in either mahogany or oak.

A great novelty gift for anyone you know who "loses" a day every now and then, and a must-have in every vacation or beach home... because who really cares what time it is when you’re on vacation, right? Bet you know exactly the perfect person you should buy one for--in addition to yourself, of course.

Atomic Talking Watch with Leather Band

There are watches, talking watches and atomic watches, and then there is the Atomic Talking Watch. This attractive and stylish watch features all the benefits of atomic time while speaking the day, month and year. Its features include big numbers on an easy-to-read dial, a good-looking leather band and a cheerful wake-up chime alarm.

This multi-purpose Atomic wristwatch is loaded with terrific features. At the push of a button, the watch will clearly announce the time, date, day of the week, month and year. The wristwatch has an easy-to-customize alarm that will beep for 30 seconds before stopping and will stop by pressing any button. The watch also has an hourly chime feature, which can be turned on or off.

The wristwatch's atomic features include automatic adjustment for standard and daylight savings time. It can be adjusted for Pacific, Mountain, Central, and Eastern Time zones. The atomic talking watch will communicate with the atomic time signals if placed face down in a window overnight -- the adjustment occurs at 3 a.m. every morning.

In addition to being a fantastic timepiece, this watch is very fashionable. Its black leather band and classic white face with bold black numbers allow it to be worn formally or casually. The atomic talking watch's analog display features an hour, minute and sweeping second hand.

Wellcore Fall Detection Device

The Most Comprehensive Fall Detection Available, Wellcore’s revolutionary new Personal Emergency Response System device knows the difference between normal movement and potentially dangerous falls, and will send help without requiring you to do a thing.

THE INTELLIGENT CHOICE The system is simple. All you have to do is plug the base unit into an outlet and a phone jack and wear the small, comfortable Personal Fall Detection Monitor. This amazing device "learns" your daily patterns of movement, and if it detects a fall, the Emergency Call Center is notified immediately. Activity and rest patterns are monitored, tracked and relayed to a private, password-protected website where you and authorized caregivers can view data and receive alerts and reminders. With passive PERS units, you’ll never really know that it’s working until you press the button. This one lets you or a loved one go online to see the activity it is tracking. The Base Unit, Personal Fall Detection Monitor and Emergency Call Center work together to keep you protected and connected.

PEACE OF MIND Unlike other systems, Wellcore knows the difference between normal movement and potentially dangerous falls. If you do fall, you don’t need to struggle to press the button to call for help. When alerted, the Emergency Specialist will speak with you through the Base Unit to assess the situation. They can send help or notify friends or family that you’ve designated, depending on your condition. You can use the help button for assistance anytime it’s needed, but now, for the first time, it won’t be your last option.

Dual Blade

Opener This Dual Blade Opener is a unique hand-held tool specifically designed to safely and easily open clamshell and other plastic packaging. It helps you get into those tricky packages with ease and helps keep you from hurting yourself in the process. There are two blades, one a piercing blade that extends when you slide a retractable button, and the other an inner blade that easily slits all around the desired packaging once it's been pierced. To open a plastic package then, you just push and slide to get inside.

Unlike typical box cutters that are small and hard to handle, this cutter has a great shape and size that is easy and safe to grasp. It is also made of rugged durable plastic, and its recessed and retractable blades are safe for use and storage.

The dual blade system makes opening tough packages a breeze. The first blade is a piercing edge, and the second is a sliding blade. Here are the three basic steps to opening packages. First, simply slide the retractable button (right-handed) forward to produce the piercing blade, and push down to pierce the plastic. Then pull the exposed blade back to create a one-inch slit in the packaging. Next, insert the front tip into the slit and push forward to cut around the package. With this opener you’ll have no problems opening FedEx envelopes and boxes, cereal bags, video cassette wrappers, detergent boxes, pet food bags, pill containers, padded envelopes, Jiffy packs, snack pouches and more!

Now you can stop worrying that you are going to injure your hands or fingers every time you try use a knife or scissors to open these heretofore "impossible-to-open" packages. Just use the Dual Blade opener instead.

*Keep out of reach of children.

Lighted Full Page Magnifier

Our one-of-a-kind magnifying floor lamp combines powerful FULL-PAGE magnification with flexible adjustability and clear, even light. Twelve high-powered LEDs provide ample light for close work and reading. The ultra-flexible gooseneck brings the light exactly where you need it - adjust it high, adjust it low, adjust it all around -- to exactly the right angle and distance.

This is an exciting, useful new way to provide exceptional lighted magnification and coverage. The super-large lens provides 2.5x-plus variable optical magnification, to easily cover an entire page without glare or hotspots. Easy big-button on/off operation. Features include a large, strong handle for ease of maneuverability and a safe, lightweight polymer lens. Unlike that hand magnifier hidden away in a drawer, you’ll always know where this one is. Lighted full page magnifier is not battery operated--AC only.

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