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Join radio host Mike Cuthbert every Saturday morning, as he talks to newsmakers on all sorts of topics.

About The Show

Boomers care about aging well — and AARP radio talent, Mike Cuthbert, is a passionate, experienced advocate who will help them do just that. Each episode of The Mike Cuthbert Show focuses on an interview in which Cuthbert gets to the heart of topics that matter to the 50+ audience. Whether it’s a talk about the politics of entitlement with guest Bill O’Reilly, or a chat with Henry Winkler about his start in showbiz, the topics are rich, fascinating, and thought-provoking, making for an immersive experience.

Produced by AARP, this weekly interview program is a leader in exploring a myriad of issues associated with aging, through the lens of fascinating characters and conversations. The range of topics is wide — from social to political, and serious to lighthearted — allowing The Mike Cuthbert Show to appeal to, and inspire, a wide range of personalities.

About The Host

With years of experience in both public and commercial radio, AARP radio talent Mike Cuthbert has interviewed everyone from politicians, to academics, to celebrities. He’s a skilled questioner and acute listener whose thorough preparation always surprises and delights his guests (if he’s interviewing an author, you’d better believe he’s going to read the entire book before the interview). Over his career, Cuthbert has continually refined and developed his unique talent: the ability to talk to virtually anyone about anything, and, more importantly, to get them to open up and talk back.

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