Why Thorlos?

Learn about "the magic inside" Thorlos padded socks.

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The Spirit of America embodies programming that features big, bold ideas, a determination to take control of our destiny, an ability to overcome challenges, and embrace creativity. It’s an attitude and behavior that represents who we are.

Spirit of America: The Thorlo Story is just that. A modest business, started in a family garage, which has grown into a national brand known for exceptional craftsmanship: Thorlo is the quintessential American success story. The RLTV documentary, Spirit of America: The Thorlo Story, takes a look at the company’s successes and challenges — and the altruistic philosophy that has kept it so well-grounded.

For decades, Thorlos padded socks have been considered the gold standard for runners, hikers, and athletes. Now the company is expanding its product line, transforming itself as it taps into the fastest-growing market on the planet — the 50+ population. And everything’s made in the USA (in the company’s home state of North Carolina) — a claim that fewer and fewer U.S.–based companies are able to boast, as textile mills steadily disappear from the American landscape. Interwoven in each pair of socks is a story of the American spirit in motion; at a time when more and more manufacturing jobs are going overseas, Thorlo is making it a point to support U.S. workers and craftsmanship, bolstering our economy.

Thorlo also remains at the cutting edge of science and technology: As maturing Americans endeavor to maintain their active lifestyles, this brand is stepping up to the challenge — literally. The same company that painstakingly researches the best ways to keep athletes’ feet in top shape is now using that same scientific testing on aging feet, creating products that truly perform.

Behind every successful company is a visionary leader, and Thorlo is no exception: Owner Jim Throneburg founded the Institute for Preventive Foot Health, a non-profit dedicated to educating the public about preserving foot health. And Throneburg’s family, staff and customers have become so fiercely loyal to the brand, that they’ve started a campaign to donate these remarkable socks to members of the U.S. Armed Forces. It’s yet another way for the company to affirm its patriotic spirit, while doing good for others.

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