About the Show

Your Life Redefined with Dr. Anna Marie is a weekly half-hour better living show, jam packed with uplifting information to help bring balance into our viewers lives!

The magazine style show is hosted by a young, energetic and enthusiastic physician, Dr. Anna Marie, who brings her medical training, eighteen years of television experience and healthy lifestyle together to inspire and motivate viewers to live their lives to its fullest!

Viewers enjoy a variety of segments including a story focusing on an individual plugged into their passion in life. Other feature segments include healthy recipes and nutritional tips designed by our chef, sustainable and healthy home advice and how amazing animals are impacting the quality of some peoples lives! Your Life encourages people to balance the many areas of their lives and to embrace healthy lifestyles.

From Dr. Anna Marie…

With our economic times and the stress we are feeling right now in our country-I designed Your Life Redefined to help bring balance to the four elements I feel are important to me in life and I think most Americans care about: health, wellness, safety and our homes (since we spend about 65+% of our times in our houses).

Your Life Redefined is divided into three segments… Our Your Life Story of the Week focuses on a person who has been faced by some sort of challenge (whether it be physical, mental or some sort of fork in road) and how they overcame it to pursue a passion, career or goal in life.

Eat Well Live–nutrition/eating healthy is a challenge for many folks on the go…plus, I’m not that good of a cook-so I asked our chef to be sure to create balanced but not bland meals for us boomers on the go!

And last but not least…the Tail End of the show (wink wink)–probably my favorite part of the show–how amazing animals are impacting/improving peoples lives…how they’re in some cases carving out careers and along away some pet focused reports to improve the quality of life for our best friends.

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