Eco Benefits of a Metal Roof

The Greenovation of Terra Verde is showcasing the latest technological advances in solar metal roofing with the help of OneSource Coil Coaters, ASI Building Products and Kelly Roofing and Energy Savings Solutions.

OneSource Coil Coaters has teamed up with the Terra Verde team to profile their Regal White painted aluminum that is Energy Star® Rated and features a reflective rating of .68 for the barn and the house. The combination of the reflectivity number and a high emissivity rating of .88 means the Regal White paint will not heat up over 100 degrees even on those days when it is 95 degrees under a hot Florida sun. The Regal White painted aluminum roof doesn’t allow heat in the attic, thus keeping the attic and the rest of the home cool.

As a result of the Stimulus Package signed in February of 2009, homeowners who make energy efficient updates to their home – the installation of a painted or coated Energy Star® labeled metal roof included – between January 1, 2009 and December 31, 2010 may be eligible for a tax credit worth 30 percent of the installation costs (materials only) up to $1,500 per home over the two-year period.

“Besides qualifying for energy rebates, there are many benefits to using painted aluminum roofing,” said Michael Smith, vice president of sales and marketing for OneSource Coil Coaters. “It is light weight, durable, corrosion resistant, energy efficient, aesthetically appealing, and infinitely recyclable. Nearly 75 percent of aluminum ever produced since 1888 is still in use today, and 95 percent of aluminum used in buildings is recycled. An aluminum roof can easily give 50 years and even upward to 100 years, of service before replacement needs considered.”

Kelly Roofing and Energy Savings Solutions in Naples, Florida, installed the new metal roofing on Terra Verde’s barn. Ken Kelly, president of Kelly Roofing and Energy Savings Solutions, estimates that 50 percent of his business in 2009 was metal roofing, up from just 9 percent in 2008. Kelly attributes this to:

  • Asphalt shingle prices, historically the least expensive roofing product available, have experienced 16 price increases in a row to the point where they are now very close to the price of metal. Since metal is a far superior system customers are replacing their roofs with metal. Metal lasts more than twice as long as shingles with a minimal difference in price. Shingles are asphaltic, an oil refinement byproduct, and as the price of oil rises so does the price of shingles.
  • The $1,500 tax credit granted through the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act (ARRA) of 2009 is another motivator. Now certain metal roof systems are actually less expensive than asphalt shingles with the tax credit.
  • More metal being installed makes metal more acceptable. Metal used to be viewed as an architectural or industrial system. Not anymore. With over fifty profiles to chose from and countless colors, metal is applicable to any building design.
  • Storm protection. After the 2004/2005 record setting hurricane seasons Florida residents discovered what we knew all along. Metal was, by far, the best roof system for protection. With virtually zero metal roof failures across the state, insurance companies and roofing contractors started recommending the system more.

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