Greenovation 101

Our Greenovation house was built back in 1971. The horse farm was originally called Camberly Ranch, named after the town in England where the Williamson family who originally built the home fell in love with horses.

Forty years later we’re transforming this energy draining horse farm into a high performance and healthy property-hence the name Terra Verde which means green land.

First things first-all overgrown landscaping was turned into mulch. All the cabinetry, fixtures and appliances were recycled or reused by neighbors or needy families.  Next step was to remove and recycle the old heating oil tank in the front lawn.

One of our first major transformations was to open the floor plan by removing and recycling almost 600 concrete blocks. This also prepped the house for our new energy efficient vinyl windows.

Since the concrete blocks walls of Terra Verde are empty -with no insulation-we turned to our team to seal up our walls with a product called Core-fill 500-it looks like shaving cream. When it came to our attic-after 40 years-the good ol pink stuff was pretty much gone-our insulation team sprayed in a brand new castor oil based insulation.

Next step – install our closed loop Geothermal system.  That’s right – we’re heating and cooling Terra Verde from the ground up. This clean renewable energy is in all our backyards!

Since we had good access to our attic space—all the old duct work was updated with an insulated flex duct, a whole house air filtration system was installed to clean the air of Terra Verde. We also installed a dehumidification system.

And check this out-Terra Verde is zoned into four areas to maximize the energy efficiency of the home but at the same time maximize the interior comfort of the home.

Before we sealed things up here on Terra Verde-all the rough plumbing as well as the rough electrics were updated to prep for our installation of our LED lighting, which was designed by Cody Metcalf of WinderLumen of Orlando, Florida. Since-indoor air quality is a biggy for the health of our home—a Beam Central vacuum system was also installed. When it came to closing up our walls and ceilings- we chose an eco-friendly  dry wall made from recycled paper product which was made right up the road in Palatka Florida.

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