Greenovation of Terra Verde’s Kitchen

Our Terra Verde kitchen is pretty much your typical 1970’s utilitarian kitchen space. It’s tiny, closed off from rest of the house and really an area to just cook and clean.  All the original cabinetry and appliances that made sense were reused and recycled by folks in the community. Award winning kitchen desinger Rick Caccavello and his creative team from Central and Bath in Winter Park, Florida is helping us bring the Terra Verde kitchen into the 21st century.

One of the most unique and best parts of our existing kitchen space is the view from the kitchen  (rolling acres and horses running in the pastures!) the window over the kitchen sink leads out to an outdoor porch area-an area Rick and his design team are going to better utilized in our new kitchen space.

Computerized renderings are an awesome tool when it comes to getting a feel for the new kitchen layout Rick has designed for Terra Verde. I gave Rick the challenge of creating a contemporary kitchen for a country setting.

Rick points how he was inspired  “Once I visited TerraVerde-I knew what I wanted to do-the colors-it’s a very open space-lots of light that comes in-so I wanted to use that with the colors we were putting in there-with the coconut palm-depending on the time of day—the horses-the oak trees-the openness-natural light was all a huge inspiration of where we were going with the color and design.”

Rick will be working with recycled and reclaimed materials when it comes to bringing his design to life. The cabinetry line he selected for Terra Verde is free from any added urea formaldehyde-we’re also using a natural linseed oil finish.

“Robin Wilson Home Collection from HOLIDAY KITCHENS –it’s the sustainable eco-friendly line in the Holiday offering. It’s a frameless line which gives you 10 percent more inside the cabinetry. Robin Wilson-a very respected designer in the industry. She’s very focused on indoor air quality, sustainability and the green movement. The line offers things like coconut palm, bamboo.

From the cabinets and countertops to even the tiles on the walls and floor-we do not want any off gassing in our home.  Studies have found that breathing low levels of Volatile organic compounds or VOC’s over a period of time can impact your health-from every thing from breathing problems to even increasing your risk of cancer.

Sustainable and healthy-that’s our goal. When it comes to saving energy Cody Metcalf from WinderLumen LED in Orlando, Florida will be helping bring Rick’s design’s to light with the latest LED fixtures and accent lights.

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