Holiday Pet

Our efforts to include our pets in holiday festivities might include sharing from the dining room table.  But this simple act often leads to bigger problems and sometimes a trip to the animal emergency room.  This time of the year-emergency veterinarians see an increase number of cases of pancreatitis and the serious problem of pets eating bones.  Holiday favorites like turkey or ham are too fat and could lead to an inflammation of the pancreas. This is a very painful condition and has the possibility of being fatal.

Dogs may seem to love bones but fatal obstructions or perforations can easily occur. Other Foods like chocolate or foods sweetened with xylitol are also on the naughty list for your pet. Chocolate could cause heart problems and xylitol treats could trigger low blood sugar and even liver problems in dogs. Even treats that you think may be healthy like grapes or raisins or macademia nuts are a problem for pets.Excessive spices, onions, garlic, and even salt are possible reasons for taking your pet to the animal E. R. 

So how can you safely share the holidays with your pets-well, first think of safe treats like carrots and green beans and sometimes just a handful of their dog food is enough. Make sure any guests know family rules on what your pet can and cannot have from the table.  Keep food prep and cleanup out of your pets reach-in fact it’s a good idea to keep your pet out of the kitchen to prevent a burnt nose or worse.  Trash should be kept behind a close door and have a secure lid. Too many pets are tempted by the smell of what gets thrown away.

Another good tip-keep your local animal emergency room number always handy-don’t be afraid to call in case of a could mean the difference between a happy holiday or one spent at the veterinary office.

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