Meet the Kramm Family

Just like any other parents, Kenny and Shelley Kramm could never have anticipated they would be the parents of a disabled child. While in the hospital, their newborn daughter, Hadley, was mistakenly given the wrong medication, according to the Kramms. Rather than pursuing a lawsuit, they turned all their attention to Hadley’s care.

“Everything happens for a reason,” Kenny Kramm said.

Hadley was born prematurely in February 1992 and suffered seizures for several days.

Hadley Kramm, now 6, suffers from cerebral palsy, and her mother knew she would always find it difficult to maneuver her wheelchair through wood chips at the playground, and she would not be able to climb on the jungle gym like older sister Sarah.  “I’d be pushing her over the wood chips. It would be, like, this is impossible,” Shelley Kramm said. She thought, “As my kids get bigger, how am I going to take them to play together?” The solution was a playground for all children to enjoy!

Hadley’s Park Playground at Dulles Town Center is 4,000 square foot playground that revolves around a “Main Street USA” theme. The playground provides accessibility to disabled children and their able-bodied friends and siblings.  Hadley’s Park, Inc. is a local grassroots non-profit organization created in 1996 by Shelley Kramm, of Potomac, Maryland to design, develop, fund and build “a place for all kids to play together.”

The project is located in the Dulles Town Center Commons within the 554-acre master planned community and adjacent to the 1.4 million square foot Dulles Town Center super-regional mall and planned 4.5 million square foot Class A Office Park.

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